13 March 2011

"I'm from the government..."

"...I'm here to jerk you around..."
While convicted double murderer and sex criminal Russell Williams stews in jail collecting his $60,000-a-year military pension, Keith Wallace wonders why he can’t get his pension application approved. Born in Great Britain, he came to Canada by boat as a baby. As the son of a Canadian soldier, he is automatically a Canadian.

Instead of the expected rubber stamp, he climbed aboard the merry-go-round of government bureaucracy. “The pension is critical to us,” said Wallace, who had to stop working after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Despite having a social insurance number since he turned 16, a driver’s licence, being educated in Canadian schools, being approved for a passport in 1999, having a marriage certificate from 1970, and paying taxes all his adult life, none of it is good enough for our pencil pushers in Ottawa.
Somebody remind me... how many taxpayer dollars have we dished out to resettle all the illegal Tamil queue-jumpers in the last year? Or to provide pensions for murderers? Or supply crackpipes and syringes to junkies?

Hey... I know where we can save a few bucks. Let's fire all those inept snivel-servants over at CPP.

It'd be a start.