26 March 2011

And Martin Luther King wept...

FROM THE COMMENTS... At the Toronto Sun...
"What about a school for Newfies? Or the Portuguese? Or the Irish? Don't these cultures have a right as well to learn about their history and culture?"

"Afrocentric schools - unbelievable."

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"Me? I couldn't care less about the school. If people want it, who am I to say its wrong or tell them 'no'."
Posted by Chris to halls of macadamia at 7:17 PM, March 27, 2011
That's your answer to my question about supporting segregation? Seriously?

And call me nitpicky, Chris... you apparently care enough... to be trolling this comment thread. Or is this the work of another dastardly Chris-impersonator?


LAST WORD: Oops... we mighta forgot something
The idea of having Oakwood Collegiate become an Africentric school this fall doesn’t sit well with the co-chairs of the Oakwood school council.

“No parent, teacher, student or community consultation has occurred,” Beth Davey and David Battiston wrote to school trustees.

“The school council does not support this recommendation and is outraged that the board would table a report for trustees to consider that includes a controversial recommendation for a new program with the potential to fundamentally change a community school without community consultation.”
Oh, c'mon now... Chris said it was okay with him.