30 March 2011

Remember Michael...

...if they'll do it with you... they'll do it to you...
-- LONDON, Ont. -- In a move that has reignited talk of a coalition, an NDP candidate in this southern Ontario city has surprised everyone, including his own party, by withdrawing from the election race and throwing his support behind his Liberal rival.

Ryan Dolby, who was running in Elgin-Middlesex-London, made the announcement in a press release e-mailed to the media, party officials and others Wednesday morning.

“I am worried if Stephen Harper gets a majority. I made a strategic decision,” Dolby said.

A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE: Dion's payoff to Duceppe revealed...
"I was just watching Mike Duffy Live on CTV, and learned that Pauline Marois, the leader of the provincial Parti Quebecois -- the sister party to the separatist Bloc Quebecois -- announced that part of Gilles Duceppe's price for supporting the coalition is an immediate $1 billion transfer to Quebec."

"On the same show, we learned of other coming pay-offs: separatist appointments to the Senate. There are 18 vacancies in the Senate, including four in Quebec. Not only are the Bloc in for patronage pay-offs, but Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader, was on Parliament Hill today, and she wouldn't deny that she, too, was offered a Senate seat."

"It's a fire sale in Ottawa! Senate seats, billions of dollars, whatever you want -- just make Stephane Dion the prime minister!"
Vote Liberal... I dare you.


LAST WORD: Making Ignatieff look good

It ain't easy... but apparently... it's not impossible.