08 March 2011

If you build it... they will come

Just one more way Dalton McGuinty is improving healthcare for everyone...
Ontario teens are increasingly turning to abortion as a method of birth control, a new study has found.

Women aged 15 to 19 registered more than 150 abortions for every 100 live births.

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Or has Dalton decided he's an atheist too?


"i guess the lower number of single moms is one less thing for you to bitch about."
Perhaps, nonny... you could ask the Premier of Ontario... that is, the guy calling the provincial healthcare shots... that very question.

I look forward to hearing his answer.


LAST WORD: Hang on a second, Minister...

..how exactly... is this on Stephen Harper?
That Ontario medical guideline is in contrast to British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, all of which cover the drug for smaller tumours; Manitoba covers it on a case-by-case basis.

While Ms. Matthews seemed to acknowledge it isn’t right for patients in some parts of the country to be able to obtain publicly funded drugs while others cannot, she said Ottawa must take the lead in fixing the problem.
How exactly would Ottawa do that, Deb... by deposing Dalton McSlippery?