11 March 2011

Yet another 17 year long... "rush to justice"

The argument always seems to be... what if we're executing the wrong guy?

Sounds like that isn't gonna be a problem here...
There was some last-minute confusion today over allegations that Baston confessed during a lie-detector test arranged by his family on March 4.

Carlo LoParo, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. said Baston had confessed, while his brother Richard Baston refuted the notion, calling it "a miscommunication."

Baston has given differing accounts of the crime and has suggested he was present but didn't do the killing. But his attorneys say they don't dispute his conviction.
To sum up... he confessed to the murder... his lawyers accepted the verdict... he's gone.

The cosmic equation has been balanced.

Which begs the question... "Why exactly are we warehousing animals like Clifford Olson, Willie Pickton & Paul Bernardo?"

If we're absolutely dead-bang sure (like the Bernardo video) that we have the right guy... is it okay to apply the death penalty then?