25 March 2011

Bright lights, big city...

...forgive me Bill... I'd say this, uh... "young man" is plenty "engaged"...
Police are urging the 16-year-old student of a Scarborough high school who fired a shot at a van Thursday to get a lawyer and surrender.

"This young man was identified as going outside and what we heard…a young man had a verbal altercation with people he had no inkling or history with before," Principal Bill Papaconstaninou said.
Not to nitpick, my friend... kinda sounds like he had a bit of a "ballistic altercation" as well... but, hey... carry on...
The victims all attend the school, "all great students, and athletes as well, engaged in school. This young man (the suspect) isn't as engaged as we would like him to be."

Papaconstaninou described the incident as isolated and said the school is safe.
Except, of course... that it's not... and are you shittin' me?


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Hang on... if I think...I just know... it'll come to me.


LAST WORD: But wait... there's more
A Markham man faces an attempt murder charge in connection with an apparent ambush-style shooting of another man Thursday.

Moffatt said the victim, who was shot in the side of the head, underwent emergency surgery at Sunnybrook hospital but his prognosis is not considered to be good.

UPDATE: Shooter identified
A Markham man is charged with attempt murder while the target of his alleged assassination attempt struggles to live.

Kulwinder Galsi, 49, is to appear in Newmarket court Friday.