01 June 2010

I can't wait for the Coalition of Weasels...

...to stand up in Parliament... and try vote this one down...
halls of macadamia/C'mon, Iggy... ya feelin' lucky, punk?



The compassionate, intellectual left uncovers the real story...

Whipping up the fury of the masses at the monster on a pension, they hope to be able to insert the thin edge of a very large wedge that soon will be striaght(sic) up the collective asses of aging Canadians.

Once Harper is able to argue that convicts should not be eligible for pensions, who’s next.
Oh... my... gawd... it's a knuckle-dragging neocon conspiracy to take away all our pensions!!!

Seriously... who are these freaks?



Apparently we have an answer to my question above. The fuzzy-bunny blogger who calls herself Sister Sage is... wait for it... a Quebec civil servant.

I guess that explains the Harper conspiracy theory... and reinforces the argument that we need more auditing of government workers.

Hope you had a nice visit, Sis.


Patsplace said...

I can feel the "Social Justice" folks lining up to protest the inhumane treatment of some of the monsters we have caged up.

Sign!! In a sane world they would have been dead long ago, just as their many victims are.

Anonymous said...

As usual the lefties are distorting the truth about this issue. From what I have read, outside the biased MSM, the only pensions that will be cut off are the Old Age Security and Provincial Supplemental Pensions. As far as I know, and not having seen the proposed legislation, it is my understanding that the Canada Pension Plan payments cannot be denied because unlike to OAS this pension was paid for by the recipient and is an investment vehicle. It is not funded out of general revenues and is therefore payable under contractual obligations. This proposed legislation will not leave the seniors in prison destitute as the socialist claim.

Neo Conservative said...

"powell lucas says... the seniors in prison"

seniors... like somebody's grampy?

you actually mean... "child-molesting serial killers".. right?


Greg said...

These guys are already getting free room and board, last time I checked my mom's OAP barely covers her property taxes

Kai said...

Honestly, what business does government have in offering pensions, other than to employees? If you examine the history of public pension plans, you'll note that Bismarck created the world's first public pension plan in the 1860's. This was a calculated move to disarm the socialists in the new German Empire (remember, the revolutions of 1848 were still fresh in the minds of the powers of the day). Elegibility for the pension kicked in at age 75, at a time when the average life expectancy of a male was 49.

syncrodox said...


I was going to post a comment at the linked blog but it appears one must have a unicorn avatar.


Neo Conservative said...

"greg says... my mom's OAP barely covers her property taxes"

just count your blessings, greg... and thank the gawds she's not in an ontario nursing home.


maryT said...

In order to receive the CPP one must have worked, or been self-employed, and contributed to it.
And there is a question on the T1 General tax return, were you in prison during the year. So, how many of those inmates ever had legal employment in order to contribute.

Frances said...

Neo - the feds and, by extension, the provinces, have been taxing back seniors' credits and benefits for years. The age amount (line 301 on schedule 1) starts to be reduced at net income of $32,506 and disappears with net income of $75,478. OAS itself is clawed back beginning at $66,733 and disappears at $108,090. Medical plans for seniors differ by provinces, and most use means testing.

Kai, I thought the age established by Bismark was 65, at a time when living beyond that was not common.

Mary - the prison query is to disqualify inmates from receiving the GST rebate as well as the working income tax benefit (Schedule 6). Incidentally, full-time students are also denied the working income tax benefit.

maryT said...

Re the clawback and reduced benefits. For years seniors with substantial income did their tax returns and at that time paid back their overpayments. Then the rules were changed and benefits were reduced at source.
Seniors were upset because at the end of the year they just had to cash in one bond, gic etc to repay the govt. Now, they have to dip into their principal every month, thus reducing their interest etc. if they want to live a reasonable life. This really hits the self employed and farmers when they sell and retire. A whole year with no OAS.

ck said...

Oh brother! You cons are against such public programs like old age pension anyway...It's evul soshalism!

So why not be honest about it rather than taunt a former blogger on piece more than a few months old.

Took you that long to dig up something my former co-blogger wrote?

Syncrodox; we all know you want a colourful unicorn avatar...if you come to my place and comment and ask nicely, you too can have your very own colourful unicorn avatar.

Neo Conservative said...

"ck aka sister sage says... taunt a former blogger"

taunting... are you kidding? that was pure pinko conspiracy gold...

"a very large wedge that soon will be striaght(sic) up the collective asses of aging Canadians."

of course... stephen harper is gonna take away all our canadian pensions.

and that black helicopter circling your house is being piloted by dick cheney.



maryT said...

Lots of callers to radio shows complaining about cuts to their pension, OAS and CPP, and a lot of misinformation being passed around.
If you are receiving a disability cheque from CPP, when you turn 65 that cheque stops. And if you apply for your CPP at that time, it will be less than the disability cheque.
If your CPP or OAS cheques are reduced, check and see why. Are they taking off income tax, or if you owe money, are they taking it off your cheque. Did you get overpaid the previous year and they are recovering that amount.
If you made over 66,000 they will start to claw back.
People seem to forget that their interest income or RIFF income or other pension income all comes into play.
Then you have the people who receive survivor benefits and think they have got a raise in their CPP pension.
The two are combined into one cheque.
When you get those OAS and CPP slips at the end of the year, look at the amounts in every box, all the info is there.
LS, drug coverage is a provincial matter not federal and has nothing to do with pensions.

syncrodox said...


Nice of you to offer but I have to decline as the prospect of the prerequisite frontal lobotomy somehow takes the shine off the whole unicorn avatar meme.


Neo Conservative said...

update: in other "coalition of weasels" news...