08 September 2009

Sure seems pretty clear to me

Canadian legal history could be made this week when a Quebec man finds out whether he will become this country's first drunk driver to be declared a dangerous offender.

Roger Walsh pleaded guilty to a 19th impaired driving charge last December - this time after he mowed down Anee Khudaverdian in October.

The wheelchair-bound mother was out with her dog, on her 47th birthday.

UPDATE: Where's the justice?

"Legal" system says, "Nah... he's not dangerous."

Any wagers on how much of his "life sentence" this scummer will actually serve?



Ardvark said...
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rabbit said...

The judge can either show mercy on the offender, or he can show mercy on everyone who uses Quebec roads.

langmann said...

Article: "If they don't hand it down (in this case), we're in trouble - an impaired driver will never be given a sentence like this again," said Clara Khudaverdian, a Montreal sociologist who has pushed for stricter laws since her sister's death.

"If people know this (dangerous offender status) is a possibility if you re-offend, they may think twice."

I thought all sociologists knew that tougher sentences don't work? Aren't we supposed to just have a group circle time and express personal feelings to make it all better?

Rich said...

This was revealing also:-
"Walsh's 18 previous impaired driving convictions and 114 previous convictions in total for assault, uttering threats, breaking and entering and theft were entered into evidence."

114 eh? 19 DUI's?....of course, why would anyone in the worls suspect this guy might be a dangerous offender?
The Canadian court system, the greatest threat we face.

Neo Conservative said...

lock... him... up...


Philanthropist said...

Well, if the Court is going to let him go on assaulting and killing people, perhaps these 'judges' could at least give out a ballpark figure for the number of people they'll allow to be killed before they take action.

It's not really useful information, after all the lady was just walking her dog, but Canadians ought to know anyhow.

Neo Conservative said...

"phil says... the number of people they'll allow to be killed before they take action"

maybe it's like teddy kennedy... the first woman you kill is deductible?