29 October 2007

In Canada, you have to run and hide...

In the United States, you can "stand your ground."

First enacted in Florida in 2005, "Stand Your Ground" bills are now being considered in 21 states including Georgia, according to the National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The South Dakota senate approved one just last week.
The article is a little dated... there are now 14 states (see graphic below) where you can stand your ground.
These new measures would push the boundaries beyond the self-defense measures already on the books. Twelve states already allow citizens to shoot intruders in their homes, and 38 states permit concealed weapons in public places.

"These laws send a more general message to society that public spaces belong to the public - and the public will protect [public places] rather than trying to run into the bathroom of the nearest Starbucks and hope the police show up," says David Kopel, director of the Independence Institute in Golden, Colorado.
This makes perfect sense to me. Let's spend a little less time worrying about the rights of criminals... and more about the rights of law abiding citizens.


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The Canadian Border Services Agency is investigating how and when a man deported from Canada two years ago sneaked back into the country only to be arrested on the weekend by Toronto police on multiple firearms charges.

Lloyd Demetrius, 28, was taken into custody early Saturday after two men fired several shots into the air in front of a bar on Hymus Rd., near Warden and St. Clair Aves.

In 1999, Demetrius was convicted of pumping three bullets into a man who tried to calm him down after Demetrius demanded to be at the front of a takeout line at a West Indian restaurant at Kingston and Galloway Rds.

SIDENOTE: The Professor strikes back
"What Could Possibly Go Wrong if Everybody Has a Gun"?
Yessir... it's a reprise of soldiers, uh wait... "everybody... with guns... in our streets... I'm not kidding..."


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Anonymous said...

The Canadian 'justice' system doesn't care a whit about victims, criminals are their bread and butter. That's why they always need more 'professionals' to take care of things for you.

Lawyers, judges, social workers, administrators, 'Corrections' Canada officials, parole officers etc. plus a horde of agencies that all live off taxpayers money while 'helping' criminals get back on their feet.

Anonymous said...

There are actually a few more states now that allow CCW; only 2 (Minnesota and Illinois) specifically disallow CCW, while 9 others are "may issue" states, where you have to convince your local city or county chief LEO to issue a permit; Alaska and Vermont are unrestricted, where you don't NEED a permit to CCW, while the remainder are all "shall issue", where the police have to show why you SHOULDN'T be issued a permit, instead of you having to show why you SHOULD. See http://www.gun-nuttery.com/rtc.php for a map that shows how this has changed over time. You'll note that since 1993, the Canadian murder rate has dropped by 6.8%, while the US murder rate has dropped by [B]41%[/B].

arctic_front said...

correct me if I'm wrong, but, the Magna Carta states that a person has a un-equivocal RIGHT to defend himself. The Magna Carta pre-dates the BNA Act, the Charter of Rigths and Freedoms et al. When were those 'rights' revoked?

British 'Common' law is based on the Magna Carta.

Sounds like good grounds for a Charter challenge.

The 'right' to defend yourself sounds a lot better than the current 'right to be a victim' laws in Canada.

Anonymous said...

you don't want to try attacking me. police or no police i will fight back with deadly force if necessary.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... i will fight back with deadly force if necessary"

and, of course, the onus is on you to prove that you were attacked and prove that you were in imminent danger and prove that you used proportionate response.

the stand your ground laws says that if someone, for instance, attempts to carjack you, or breaks into your home... you may use any means you judge necessary, up to and including deadly force to repel them and you will be protected criminally and civilly.

burglar downstairs... shoot him dead. cops shake your hand before they leave.

big difference.


dmorris said...

Neo, don't just "shoot him dead". A cop once told me that under Canadian Law, deadly force is only acceptable if you have no possibility of further retreat. So, he said, "shoot him and drag the body into your bedroom".

Anonymous said...

I have an extensive website dealing with this issue.

The key in defending yourself in Canada after shooting a home invader is to have an 'evidence trail.' I recommend an internal security gate or door. Once the home invaders break through this barrier, you can shoot them because 'you feared for your life' and you had no where else to go.

This avoids the problem associated with shooting home invaders in the living room and having one say they were just simple burglars and you tried to murder them. Sob.

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris said... under Canadian Law, deadly force is only acceptable if you have no possibility of further retreat"

sorry... not acceptable.

what if, while you're running away (to where, anyway... your children's bedroom?) mr crackhead burglar takes a few quick steps and manages to plunge that rusty screwdriver into your chest?

nah... i'll shoot and take my chances.

that's what lawyers are for... and under the current weak sister canadian system of justice... you're probably gonna walk anyway.


Anonymous said...

Assume any confrontation requires the use of deadly force - better safe than sorry.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Assume any confrontation requires..."

well... my castle, my family... my rules.

i wake up and find you tossin' my house at 2am... i don't give a shit you're jonesin' for more rock... you show me your hands and lie down on the floor pronto... or you're gone.

choose. now.


Anonymous said...

I say that the US is right you should run your should "stand your ground" because if you are attacked it is really simple instinct says fight back.
Canada helped form the International rights so we should listen to them and it says that you have the right to defend yourself with the amount of force nessisary, and if a goverment doesn't abide by these right the goverment is subjuect to criminal offences.
But then again most goverments can bribe out of the charges because money rules everything. If you have money you can get away with exploding a nucular shell over any nation, by giving the United Nation court money and saying it was in "defence".