23 February 2009

Further to Agenda-quiddick

"We know Kinsella hates it when people mention his involvement in Adscam. He threatened to sue the National Post’s Andrew Coyne over it. He threatened to sue the Globe’s Normal Spector over it. He once called Justice Gomery’s inquiry a “pile of judicial garbage” – classy, coming from a lawyer."

"But for some reason Kinsella never did the one thing you’d expect someone to do who actually believed that Justice Gomery was wrong: he never appealed his findings."
Wait a minute... he's suing somebody... for what... LIBEL????

You mean like saying stuff that destroys somebody's reputation?




Ron said...

Kinsella has destroyed many by use of lies, innuendo and outright fabrications so he probably knows what he is talking about. As for being disgraced, I know, without a doubt, he has been shown to be a small minded, hateful attack dog for Liberals; in my mind, there is little that is more disgraceful.

Neo Conservative said...

well... he's certainly got it in for ezra and kathy shaidle... not to mention the chinese community.

funny how it's always the self-annointed humanitarians who are constantly after somebody's ass.


scanoo said...

he is the uber-spinner - dangerous, clever, and truly deceitful, and definitely feels "entitled to his entitlements". It is up to all good followers of the CPC, that we peck away at his many weak spots 24/7 - maybe he'll die of a thousand cuts - how about a dictionary of his over the hill pronouncements to counter his endless twisting of the facts ?
Iggy may be politically naive, but appears to be in such a rush

Neo Conservative said...

"scanoo says... Iggy may be politically naive, but appears to be in such a rush"

i think kate at sda captured iggy's essence best... "canada... not good enough to live in... unless you get to be prime minister".