02 September 2009

Apparently, it has something to do...

...with magic fairy dust...

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff pledged Wednesday to erase the projected $50-billion federal deficit if elected into government -- and to do so without raising taxes.

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"We've inherited a $50-billion hole from Mr. Harper. We will clean it up without raising taxes.”

Then he left to catch a plane, with reporters left wondering how he would accomplish that task.
Now... is it just me... or does Iggy think he's already been elected King of Canada?



robins111 said...

He drank too much cheap winde at the convention.

Old School Liberal said...

Must be the same magic fairy dust Harper is using.

He is, after all, the first one to declare that the deficit will magically disappear on its own without raising taxes or cutting spending.

But it is so much different when Dear Leader says it, isn't it.

maryT said...

A lot of that deficit is for future spending on programs. So, what will Iggy cut spending on. Will he pay back the millions to the EI fund, or Adscam funds. Duceppe is on cbc now making his ransom demands.

ridenrain said...

Maybe Iggy knows where Dingwald's gold is.

Anonymous said...

I only see Chretien, Jr.: cut provincial transfer payments (and blame the premiers, but only if they are not Liberals of course) and use EI surpluses illegally...

Oh, and Old School Liberal: yes, deficits to tend to disappear if you don't panic during a recession, like the true Dear Leader is doing south of the 49th. Canada has already, albeit shakily, revived. No such hope stateside, with the added bonus of trillions of dollars in debt.

Now, if we could just get PMSH to stop spending like a drunken sailor...

MrEd said...

you mean a drunken Liberal... see Belinda's expense reports from a few years ago after she crossed to the Liberal floor as reference

Neo Conservative said...

"old school liberal says... it is so much different"

so, golden oldie... let's drop the partisan fencing for just a minute, okay?

you really think this is the right time for iggy to pull the trigger?



Old School Liberal said...


Partisanship aside, do you really see what Iggy has said is any different than what Harper has said?

What do you think Harper will cut and how much do you think he will increase taxes?

Old School Liberal said...


Partisanship aside, do you really see what Iggy has said is any different than what Harper has said?

What do you think Harper will cut and how much do you think he will increase taxes?

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm, oldie... you answered a question with a question... twice.

sigh... i guess it isn't possible to have a regular conversation after all.

ah well, back to business.

in other "iggy news"... looks like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic... isn't helping much.


Old School Liberal said...

Only following your lead, Neo.

I take it from your silence on the obvious question that you think Harper is lying and just as much in fantasyland for saying no new taxes and no spending cuts are needed.

Good to clarify that.

As far as your question, was it the right time for Harper to pull the trigger and break another promise last fall? As we were heading into or already in a recession? One that he said we would not enter?

Exactly. So give me a break about "all partisanship aside". It is as BS as your questioning Iggy's committment to not raise taxes and not cut spending.

But let's play this out, your question that is. Technically, Iggy is not pulling the trigger. He has said that he is not going to support the government, that he is going to oppose the government and offer an alternative government.

Perhaps, then, like with the promise on taxes and spending, he was again channelling Stephen Harper who said this about the Official Opposition, back when he tried to bribe, er, offer "financial considerations" to Cadman to defeat the Martin Liberals in 2005:

"First of all, I can’t forget my first responsibility – which is to be the Leader of the Opposition and that’s to provide an alternative government. We’ve always said we’ll support the government when they do things that we can accept … but in general my obligation is to provide an Opposition. It’s the government’s obligation to look really to the third parties to get the support to govern … Well there are lots of things that could bring the government down, but my opposition can not bring the government down. The government can only be brought down because it alienates several parties in the House. And the first obligation in this Parliament, if the government wants to govern, it has to come to Parliament and it has to show that it can get the support of the majority of members, through the Throne Speech, through legislation, and through budget and supply, and the government to this point has made no effort to do that, but that’s its first obligation … We’ll support the government on issues if it’s essential to the country but our primary responsibility is not to prop up the government, our responsibility is to provide an opposition and an alternative government for Parliament and for Canadians. What the government has to do, if it wants to govern for any length of time, is it must appeal primarily to the third parties in the House of Commons to get them to support it."

Neo Conservative said...

"oldie pontificates... I take it from your silence"

of course... you don't need me... you can just tell me what i think.

hang on a second... that sounds so familiar... hey, it's... oh my gawd... michael ignatieff!!!

okay, mikey... now i get why you're being so cagey, but c'mon, just gimme something.

hey, you really think listening to yer roomie boob... ontario's most infamous failed premier is such a good idea?

see... i'm thinkin' he can't wait to see you fall on your ass.

you get that, right?


Old School Liberal said...

"of course... you don't need me... you can just tell me what i think."

Not telling you what to think at all. Just surmising, since you continue to refuse to answer a pretty simple question. And I am guessing the reason. That's all, bud.

Unless you would care to stop fudging, squirming, baiting and shifting... and answer for us whether you think Harper is also using some magic fairy dust.

Now, I do typically assume that a conservative doesn't think his or her principles and views apply to conservatives, but I'm willing to let you demonstrate that you hold Harper to the same standards.

Back to you, bud.

Neo Conservative said...

"oldie says... since you continue to refuse to answer a pretty simple question"

you mean, like...

"so, golden oldie... let's drop the partisan fencing for just a minute, okay?"

"you really think this is the right time for iggy to pull the trigger?"

sorry, oldie... you're visiting me on my patch... and you're tryin' to jerk me around?

and please, remind me again why i should play your silly little troll game.

is this how it's done at liblogs?


langmann said...

@ Old School:

Yeah I'll answer. I think Harper is using some magic fairy dust as well.

However if he were allowed to do what he wanted without the media telling the sheeple what to think I know Harper would slash a lot of silly programs that we currently fund. Which I why I still support him.

In fact I think there are some liberals in the Liberal party who would cut those same programs. What is annoying is how they were able to get away with it without a media brou-ha ha.

Old School Liberal said...


I must say I am impressed. You answered a question, and did so forthrightly.

Admitted that you think or at least hope that Harper does have a hidden agenda, but I'll let that slide seeing as you are being such a good sport.

langmann said...

@ Old School,

Neo didn't answer, I did. Its probably because he knows you'll just mealy mouth everything.

Least its a smart hidden agenda. I remind you Chretien had a hidden agenda as well, which was to cut the deficit and use EI taxes to subsidize it...

Old School Liberal said...

My apologies Langman. You are right. Neo continues to show spinelessness... as is his right it being his blog and all.

So cutting the deficit was not a smart agenda of Chretien's. Now I am beginning to understand how the conservative brain works.

Truly, borrow and spend Tories.

oxygentax said...

@old school:

I'll answer your question. Harper will erase the deficit through 2 things:

1) that as the economy recovers and expands, tax revenue will naturally go up proportionally to the expansion of the economy.

2) the stimulus spending that Mr. Harper put in place this year and next is just that - 1 off spending, not ongoing programs. Year 2 and beyond, spending will drop off by the amount of the stimulus spending, covering off the remainder of what (1) does not recover.

Now, just out of curiosity, what plan do you think Mr. Ignatieff will come up with considering his party also has pet projects such as "poverty reduction", "Universal child care" and "the Kelowna Accord" to spend on in addition to entitlements for themselves.

langmann said...

@ Old School:

You're not hearing what I said. Probably because you're acting like an idiot.

Martin rid us of the deficit. It was in all intent a "hidden agenda" since he never said prior to doing it how he was going to do it.

Secondly he used EI contributions as a form of taxation to help negate the deficit. In effect he raised taxes, and mostly on the poor and middle class, as this type of taxation is a "regressive" tax...

Am I against him balancing the budget, not at all. I just want you to not suffer any illusions of what that is going to mean in the future.

However if you are as stupid as you are acting I am sure you'll think its all roses. If the media didn't usually act as dumb as you are acting, then the general population of liberal voters wouldn't live under delusions as well. I think pretty much most conservative voters have a sound idea that balancing this deficit is going to be on the backs of our children, which is why we are generally against large government. (A deficit caused I might add by a hyperactive media and generally all politicians acting like clowns)

Neo Conservative said...

"old school says... Neo continues to show spinelessness"

ah yes... the venerable "you're a big poopyhead" school of debate.

sorry, oldie... i tried earlier and you just wanted to dance me around.

until you can pony up adult conversation, you'll have to find someone else to play with.