11 January 2009

Meet Martin

We get a lot of angry people here at "the Halls."

Some of them take exception to my politics... others to what they see as my "lack of compassion."

The truth is... you never know what's gonna set somebody off.

The thing most of these folks have in common... is that they're actually able to articulate what it was that put a knot in their knickers.

And then... there's Martin.Now, I'm not sure what Martin's major malfunction is... but I'm guessing he's not gonna win "Miss Congeniality" any time in the near future...Oh, hey... I've seen this before... it's the the rigorous and ever-popular "you're a poopyhead" school of debate.
Anyway... if you happen to encounter Martin in any of the comment threads... be gentle.

"psst..Know what Neo honey, I'm actually a woman. Know what else? I think you're creepy."
Posted by Martin to halls of macadamia at 2:04 PM, April 17, 2009"
He's obviously got a few more balls in the air than he can actually handle.


UPDATE: Oops... Martin reacts
...actually makes up a profile.
Hmmm... isn't it funny how ol' Marty started to ramp up his little clown car... just after this noted dumbstick got outed.


LAST WORD: What's the big, hairy-ball deal...

...with the compassionate, intellectual left... and the Jews?
Two words, Marty... Rorschach Test.

You just failed.



JA Goneaux said...

I believe he was pestering RightGirl as well. I guess as it stays cold, the idiots will need something to do inside...

Neo Conservative said...

well, his last little love note here was shortly after 8pm.

i'm guessing mom made him take a bath and go to bed... after all... tomorrow is a school day.


mahmood said...

This cuckoo nest didn't bring his "hahahahahaha" laugh track...musta forgot it...wonder if this "Martin" knows the other ol'Martin Rayner?...now that would be a weird coincidence.

Neo Conservative said...

"mahmood asks... wonder if this "Martin" knows the other ol'Martin Rayner?"

funny... that had occurred to me as well.


RightGirl said...

Though Rayner has been having his moments lately, I don't think it's him.

"Martin" stopped by chez moi yesterday, too, to tell me that nobody cares what I think. Well then, how come he was reading me in the first place??


robins111 said...

the technical term for floaters of this kind, (Martin) is F&cking Fleabags.

Basically, they have no real personality, or opinions.

But someone told them how they were supposed to behave or react and they slither through life spewing their stupidity.

ps. also referred to as knobs

Neo Conservative said...

"rg says... "Martin" stopped by chez moi yesterday, too"

i really don't get the "hit & run" name-calling thing. whatever happened to actually offering up a reasoned argument?

i remember when one of my brothers was little he went next door to the neighbours and yelled, "wop, wop, wop" in the window (they were italian)... planning to beat feet and celebrate his triumph with his friends.

trouble is mr. g was in his yard... and promptly hoisted his 7 year-old ass off the ground and took him to my father... who punished him in ways that would today make the front page of the toronto star.

but hey... that's how these guys roll.

ol' martin comes off like cc's retarded little brother... i'd say he's already being punished enough.


Wonder Woman said...

You're so dull...that he keeps coming back again and again, to read.

I had one of those last year...said I was a waste of his valuable time, then got 4 of his friends and his girlfriend to swamp me for 2 weeks.

Time to kill, it would seem.

It just means you're doing it right.

Neo Conservative said...

"wonder woman says... so dull...that he keeps coming back again and again, to read."

funny how that works, huh?

poor little martin's just a pale imitation of pottymouth left-o-saur "canadian cynic".

if it wasn't for the bt blogroll... cc wouldn't have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

interesting too, how the cynic focuses his nastiness on the female bloggers... i'm thinkin' he's just too cheap to pay for actual phone sex.

scratch a liberal... find a confused adolescent.