23 January 2009

Tonight's Moonbat Moment

CTV's Robert Fife is decrying the Conservative Party's... wait for it... "classic media spin."

Apparently, after weeks of angrily demanding to hear what the government is planning to do about the "financial crisis" they've been hysterically decrying... CTV has decided they don't want that information after all.

Strangely and coincidentally, Iggy is on a tear about it too.

Do these guys ever listen to themselves?


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The Conservatives' decision to reveal budgetary measures before the document is officially released follows a precedent started by Paul Martin when he was Minister of Finance in the previous Liberal government, according to David Docherty, a political scientist at Wilfrid Laurier University.


Anonymous said...

Conservatives never spin. Ever since the sponsorship scandal all Liberals everywhere are dishonest thieves looking to steal taxpayer money and tory babies.

As PM Harper said the Canadian economy is fine and there are good buying opportunities. He's not going to run deficits. That is media hogwash too. The world media is so wrong when they say there is a financial crisis. CTV's liberal elite medaia MSM spin is just wrong. The Conservative Partyy should outlaw TV stations that don't properly communicate the Dear PMs message.

Neo Conservative said...

mo strong, adscam, shawinigate... the 2 billion dollar "farmer bob rifle registry"... prime minister dion and the coalition with the bloc.

"we'll cancel the gst"... "soldiers in our streets... with guns".

yeah cc-nonymous... go libs.


robins111 said...

Correct me if I’m wrong Neo, but isn’t this the same crowd that were demanding that something be done about the horrible situation that we were in, screaming for stimulus. So when the budget reflects this, it’s wrong.

I may be wrong also but wasn’t Fife, bellyaching about how the PM stifles all communication with the media, but when the info is leaked, it wrong.

Somehow both Fife, and Iggy have discovered a way to suck and blow at the same time.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins 111 says... Somehow both Fife, and Iggy have discovered a way to suck and blow at the same time."

i laughed so hard when fife started talking about "classic media spin"... i think i pulled a muscle.

of course, the sheeple like nonny just eat it up.


Anonymous said...

Ivan Fecan (soft 'c' like feces), CTV president, is a huge Liberal fundraiser/supporter.

Just like every aging media jackass in Canada, he can't wait to get the Liberals back in power so he can join Duffy in an unmolested Senate.

Fife is just awful on television. He all. ways. sounds. like. stale. white. bread.