26 January 2009

I guess you can't be too careful

The thing is... if stuff like yoga is on your "theatens my belief system" list... where exactly do you rank the rest of the many scary facets of the non-Islamic world?

Although the ruling is not legally binding, most devout Muslims are likely to adhere to it — as they consider it sinful to ignore a fatwa.

The Ulema Council decided on the ban, which follows a similar edict in neighbouring Malaysia, over concerns that the faith of Muslim yoga practitioners would be weakened if they take part in Hindu rituals like chanting mantras, Amin said.

“Those who perform yoga purely for health reasons or sport will not be affected,” Amin said.

“We only prohibit activities that can corrupt Islamic values.”
Yes, yes, Dawg... I know... I'm not supposed to talk about this stuff.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Ask a compassionate lefty intellectual...
Dawg... is that you?


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"At this time we have to also recall the overwhelming responsibility of Hamas," he said. "I intentionally say this here - Hamas is a terrorist movement and it has to be denounced as such."

He added there would be no dialogue with Hamas, and its use of terrorism against Israeli civilians meant it was not a legitimate resistance movement.

LAST WORD: Do the math
The answer is obvious: local politicians have done their math.

There are only 8,000 Jews in Calgary, and more than 75,000 Muslims. Denouncing anti-Semitic bigotry is fine for politicians when the bigots are politically powerless neo-Nazi skinheads.

When they're radical Muslims, funded by Saudi Arabia, the politicians fall silent.


Anonymous said...

Being a clueless fuck comes rather easily to you doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Clueless like anonymous comments?
Clueless like the lack of courage by putting a name to a comment?
Or..clueless like rude comments instead of an informed opinion?
Now...go back to holding up back to work legislation for the York morons. billg...and I approved my comment.

Neo Conservative said...

ah yes... the "compassionate, intellectual" left is quick to offer up their usual rebuttal.


robins111 said...

Say Neo, that cc hates you,

I never have seen a quick draw like that.

And cc, we don't think Neo is clueless, at least he knows how to run a blog.

Neo Conservative said...

just another recent graduate of the infamous leftwing... "you're a poopyhead"... school of debate.


Anonymous said...

at least he knows how to run a blog.

Is that what you call this joke? Hey moron, how come you've got all day to play on the computer? No job? The wife know how you waste your time?

You want to know my name? NO problem. It's Jarrod Irving. What are you going to do about it? Is your name really neo? Because if it is, you're like really cool.

Neo Conservative said...

"anonymous aka says... Hey moron..."

oh look... another almost-articulate graduate of "poopyhead u".

man, if only i was 7 years old again... that would really sting.

thanks though, for taking the time to comment, out of, you know... your busy day.

and yeah, jarrod... we really want to know your name... and where you live... mostly so we can avoid your silly self entirely.


Philanthropist said...

Radical Muslims are in charge in Europe, it only takes good people to say nothing....

Neo Conservative said...

"philanthropist says... Radical Muslims are in charge in Europe"

no, phil... they are most decidedly not, which accounts, in part... for their frequent public displays of inchoate rage.

pls note, per anon@12:45pm... i don't accept pointless, insulting slogans from the left or the right.

this blog is not an echo chamber for a particular idealogy. it's a forum that invites argument and reason rather than mindless shouting and gesticulating.

there are plenty of places online where you can go and simply shout slogans or bait perceived enemies.

for insight into the current situation in europe, i suggest reading "america alone" by mark steyn.

so phil... let's not just rag on each other here... there are many points to be made about the muslim diaspora in europe and elsewhere... this one isn't especially factual or insightful.

i have myself, on occasion, used hyperbole and sarcasm to excess... but i'm always open to hearing a response from the other side of the chasm.

please don't make the mistake of confusing that particular stance with unfocused, raging anger.