25 January 2009

Mayor's office... yet again...

...strangely silent on which gun club these folks belonged to...

A Toronto Police officer was shot in the head last night after a Beer Store robbery in which several people were threatened with a shotgun. The officers first on the scene tried to arrest one of the suspects when there was a confrontation that led to the shooting, police said.

Police nabbed one hiding in the backyard of a Campbell Ave. home but late last night were still searching for the second. Officers found several spent shotgun shells and some that hadn't been fired inside a sock along Rankin Cres.
Of course... it's not really that surprising... this is the reality of what Toronto has become.
The incident capped a week of brazen firearm violence -- including an incident in which two people were shot in a crowded Entertainment District nightclub early yesterday morning.
But hey... the important thing here... mediawise, anyway... is that nobody got tasered.

Funny how that works.


"Ah yes, let us look at two of the actual charges (one each per perp): 'Possession of a firearm contrary to a prohibition order'."

LAST WORD: A little sociological "paint by numbers"



Anonymous said...

I was near Symington & Bloor last night when about 7 Police cars raced by along with 1 ambulance at around 7:40 , I knew something big was going on .
Remember , Toronto is still a safe city so go back to what you were doing and Pay no attention to the Mayor behind the curtain.
David Miller will come back from his parties in Hollywood after he tries to promote tourism for Toronto being a safe city.

Does a Cop have to be killed before Pam McConnel and her moron sidekicks wake-up to the dangers for their Hug-A-Thug appraoch to killers?
Welfare and Government housing was around long before this Gun violence started and those kids didn't kill people because they were poor , in fact, Miller is so insulting to all the poor people that DON'T turn to crime or killing innocent civilains .

We all know what the problem is but we can't say it because Barbara Hall makes a living trying to criminalize the Truth when it does fit into Miller perception of reality.
Millers' Mother should demand her money back from Harvard since her son appears to be just as stupid as when he enrolled , Miller spent $30 million of OUR tax dollars just to NOT build a $20 Million dollar bridge.

Nough said , pull your kids from Harvard.

BillM said...

North Dakota has a greater than 50% gun ownership and very lax rules.
2008 was just another year with ZERO gun deaths.

Rural and Right said...

Don't tase me bro...
pepper me instead bro...

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno guys... i guess these two micreants just didn't get the word.

"Jeron Powell, 32, is facing 10 robbery and weapons-related charges, while Craig Buckle, 29, faces seven robbery and weapons charges."

maybe we should just go with the 'mcslippery solution'... you know... more social workers.


Anonymous said...

can't wait for summer...I mean if winter is supposed to be the low period for violence...

JA Goneaux said...

Ah yes, let us look at two of the actual charges (one each per perp):

"...Possession of a firearm contrary to a prohibition order"

My emphasis, unfortunately.

What's the definition of insanity again? Doing something the same way as you did last time and expecting a different outcome?


How could any judge look at himself or herself in the mirror and say "gee, they didn't listen to me last time when I gave them a slap on the wrist, but maybe THIS time, if I use the extra legal deep serious voice when I slap them on the wrist, they'll learn..."

robins111 said...

When you see a charge like: Possession of a firearm contrary to a prohibition order, it usually means that this quiff, has had charges related to firearms in the past.

So, tell me 'Mare Davey', how did he get a gun, at the local gun club?

Did he go to the local sporting goods store and pick one up with his PAL, is the gun registered?

Once again Miller has provided proof that he's a f*&king Idiot, and he didn't have to do anything but exist.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... Possession of a firearm contrary to a prohibition order"

but, but, but... they're not allowed to do that... they were banned.


Curls said...

The first thing that the Nazis did was ban the possession of firearms. That is why I am joining Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership.