30 January 2009


What federal political party leader is "getting all medieval"... on his discontented minions asses?

“Trudeau said MPs are nobodies 50 yards off Parliament Hill. This guy wants to make us nobodies on Parliament Hill. It’s outrageous and he’s heading toward a mutiny in six to eight months, unless he’s high in the polls.”
And that's not all... look who's wagging the dog.


wilson said...

''unless he’s high in the polls.”

'After Budget, Conservatives Maintain Nine-Point Lead Over Liberals'


wilson said...

rest of the link:


langmann said...

From the Angus Reid Poll (jan29/09): In Ontario, the Conservatives hold an eight-point advantage over the Liberals (41% to 33%)

As an aside, Harper was right about one thing: a strong Conservative party needed Ontario. I don't think this is a trend either, it has always been this way in Ontario - the Reform days were a blip mostly I think secondary to perception.

Having looked through the Conservative budget only a few things make me happy (I am still not convinced that this spending was necessary or will do the economy any real good). One is the fact many of the programs are short term spending on real items: infrastructure. Unlike things the NDP most certainly would have thought up. At least those things will end rather than most "programs".

The second is tax cuts (though I still think corporate taxes need a huge axe). The good thing about tax cuts is that it will be hard for the next Ignatieff government to raise taxes (of course they will do so in the sneaky way like Martin did with Emplyment Insurance). Which means at some point down the road another cut will happen to the budget and more useless chaff will get thrown out a la 1990s.

Neo Conservative said...

the last thing we need is to greenlight unrestrained government spending.

i mean... the fiberals can cook up a financial disaster... without any outside impetus at all.


Anonymous said...

Interesting development indeed. We know why the CPC has a muzzle on, to prevent the overly opportunistic media from capitalizing on their every mistake, but why the liberals? I have to believe it has to do with Dion and what Iggy did to him, except now that Iggy doesn't want it coming back at him. (real conservative)

wilson said...

'..it has to do with Dion and what Iggy did to him, except now that Iggy doesn't want it coming back at him.'

rc, also what Iggy did to Rae.
Had Iggy not stepped over Dion, the coalition of losers would have survived and Bob Rae would have won the leadership, he was the best pick to do so.
So he got rid of Rae too.
Iggy is one ruthless sob.

Jane Taber, yes, believe it or not,
she said, in public on CTV,
that the Liberals were very mad at her,
actually screamed at her today,
for the story about Iggy's discipline.

So I don't think we need liberal supporter telling us how it is.
We know.

wilson said...

Who's Kory?

A Anon said...

How does the "eating cat meat" story fit into all of this? Or doesn't Kinsella fit into the official spokesperson/official talking points formula?

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