20 January 2009

Well, I've been computerless...

...for most of the day and it's not a nice feeling.

Something snuck past my anti-virus last night and hammered Vista into a coma. I've just spent an afternoon with a friend putting Windows XP Pro onto this machine instead.

The most interesting part of the exercise is finding XP drivers for my Acer laptop... it doesn't seem to like walking backwards down the operating system footpath.

Ah, well... almost done.



naughtypine said...

Neo, have a look at this: http://www.threatfire.com/

I have no first-hand experience[1] with it, mind you, but I've heard good things.

[1] I run OpenSUSE Linux. :)

Best of luck.

Sean McAllister said...

Good luck. Changing OS won't remove virus. You're new XP install will get infected too. Sorry.

Neo Conservative said...

"sean says... Changing OS won't remove virus."

sean... you might wanna stay in the shallow end on stuff like this. a format and reinstall is the best way to get rid of this type of problem.


Sean McAllister said...

Coughs..I dont recall reading anywhere that the drive was formatted
first. I have been doing tech support for almost 7 yrs now. FYI

Anonymous said...

Lay off the porn. No more viruses.

Anonymous said...

i hate to say it - it is not to gloat in any way - i like you blog but:
get an apple
i have used both windows PCs and mac since 1990 as a graphic designer and IT professional and this is the basic math:
if i buy an apple, i can make a living [designer]; if you buy a pc, i can make a living [IT guy].
Vista sells more apples than Steve Jobs...
cost of ownership and ROI makes apples another great choice.

Neo Conservative said...

"cc-nonymous guiltily whispers... Lay off the porn. No more viruses."

well, my greasy little troll friend... you would certainly know.


"Sean McAllister says... I have been doing tech support for almost 7 yrs now. FYI"

well sean, i sure hope you're as insightful and helpful to your clients... as you were to me above.

but hey... if you're still lookin' for a pissing match, you could try your luck over at "canadian cynic".


jckirlan said...

I refuse to update my computer as it is too hard to find any hardware that is compatable with XP pro. Im not leaving this platform for Vista not now not ever.

Neo Conservative said...

lesson number one... if it ain't broke... don't fix it.