19 January 2009

From the people who brought you...

...lead-painted baby toys...

Those who were caught cheating were not just disqualified from the application process. Their names and identification numbers will now be placed on a database used by recruiters throughout the public sector.

An editorial in a state newspaper, the China Daily, suggested they had got off lightly.

It reminded its readers in that in imperial times cheats were executed.

FURTHER READING: "Lost on Planet China"
"When I first arrived, I wasn’t exactly feeling the love for China. The pollution was apocalyptic. The presence of hideously disfigured children begging on the streets suggested a cruel society."

"And for all the vaunted economic reforms, this new China seemed to encourage a kind of Darwinism—the strong prosper, the weak are crushed."


Anonymous said...

What's the matter? No one get shot in Toronto today? Decided to turn your gaze upon the other brown people?

robins111 said...

Anony, would you go somewhere else & hover, or slither.

You can piss people off, but I guess thats the point

Neo Conservative said...

"cc-nonymous says... Decided to turn your gaze upon the other brown people?"

oh nonny... are you stormin' the barricades yet again? funny how there's never any dispute about the fact of the matter... just another screechy, baseless accusation of racism.

hey, i look forward to reading your angry letters to the bbc and j. maarten troost. i'm sure they also appreciate the opinions of self-righteous, anonymous trolls.

please do us all a favour and forward me that list of all the other things i'm not allowed to talk about, okay.

"power to the people, baby"


CrazyMamma said...

Nonny Mouse says " A proper twit", well now that saying is a British colloquialism and that explains a lot. The Brits used up all their men, brains and courage fighting the Nazis. Now they are just cowering in their politically correct, environmentally friendly cold homes hoping not to get anybody P.O.'d at them.

Neo Conservative said...

"cc-nonymous says.. All you talk about..."

sorry you dumbstick... you had your one warning. you're that offended, i don't know why you keep on coming back.

-- deleted --


Philanthropist said...

China has a history of massive social upheaval, with a billion people any societal change is massive of course, but unfortunately the instances of change have rarely worked out in favour of the common people.

Westerners should be very wary of relying on China in global markets, their economy seems to implode along with social upheaval - and with more than two hundred million poor and unemployed, they're just about due.

Neo Conservative said...

the troost book was an eye-opening read... i recommend it heartily.

for example... apparently a full one third of california's pollution woes can also be laid at china's feet.

the internal societal issues are a ticking bomb as well.

scary stuff.