30 January 2009

Well, c'mon... what you actually mean...

...is "B.C. taxpayers"... right?



robins111 said...

I'm just wondering when BC is going to start delivering truckloads of booze to the winos

Maybe a daily delivery of chocolate giggle drops in the afternoon.

I'll lay money that the places are destroyed in less than a year, they'll become a haven for drug sales, and the population of homeless will increase by 1000%.

We'll see what happens when every bum in north america shows up in Vancover looking for wino heaven.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... delivering truckloads of booze to the winos"

don't look now... it's contagious...

"Regina hands out 2.3 million needles ... I'll say it slowly ... 2.3 - million in a city of under 200,000."

"Build it and they will come."


beachnut said...

They must need a place to put the homeless. Olympic Image, ya know.

langmann said...

I remember one housing scheme they built in Vancouver and it certainly didn't have the right people looking after it. Many of the residents, being psychotic and addicted as well, used it as a dry place to shoot up. Pretty soon the inside looked like something I would rather condem than let a dog use to stay dry from the rain.

I keep saying, closing down the mental hospitals and residences was a horrible idea that unleashed the incapable onto the streets and onto the drug scene. But hey all the name of progressive community centered psychiatry.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, in the minds of the nanny-state government, there is no problem you can't solve by throwing horrendous amounts of money at it.

who needs intelligent policy when you have an unending supply of taxpayer dollars?