26 January 2009

Forget about that Gitmo thing...

...let's deal with the real threats to our safety and security...

"The Crown says it will disclose evidence of a clandestine, undercover investigation in 2006 into the illegal sale of dangerous substances stored on the farm, sometimes on clear display."
Oh... my... gawd...


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-- OTTAWA -- Payments to Indian residential school survivors, meant to compensate them for mistreatment, have led to suicides, substance abuse and depression across the country, documents obtained by Canwest News Service show.

In British Columbia alone, according to a member of one survivors' group, two dozen deaths have been attributed to the payments.


Sammy said...

Gee Neo,that milk-drinkin' terrorist should be sent to Gitmo in exchange for wee Omar!
BTW,Charles Adler has a good post at his blog about Khadr's,and the lib idiots wanting him brought "home"

CrazyMamma said...

In Canada it is LEGAL to drink milk from your own animal. I currently live on a piece of property that has been deemed toooo small to house a cow "humanly". My family has been looking for a local farmer who will board our future cow/steak/milk source and we are getting no takers because of just this sort of government intervention. I gotta ask what in the name of "meadow muffins" is it of the business of the government where I house my cow/steak/milk producer, it's still mine?

Neo Conservative said...

yet another example of the nanny-state intervention that is ruining life as we know it.

this is not about putting raw milk into the local loblaws... this man's customers come to his farm seeking this product.

so why is it okay for dalton mcguinty to spend taxpayer dollars on drug paraphernalia?

raw milk bad... crackpipes okay?

good grief.


Anonymous said...

Humans are the only ones that drink the Milk from another creature as adults .
Not only did I feel healthier after stopping to drink milk , but it's been Politics in the USA that kept the farmers in business by the Food pyramid and School Cafeterias .
I also don't drink tap water anymore , but i do love those juicy steaks with fried onions and HP sauce ,or stir-fried chicken and grilled fish and sea food in general.
If horses weren't so fast we would have added them to the menus like the really slow Cows , so lets put this in perspective because God gave me the power of survival and morals don't fill your stomach during a crisis after two days without food while in a remote area.

If I can lift it and it's dead , I'll eat it to stay alive because those yahoos at PETA just don't get it since they live in a Nation that allows them to hold those values with all the Trains and Truck delivering the 3000 mile salads.
Harper must be doing something right because Miller and McGuinty keep pointing at him to solve their Election promises to deflect the blame for their inaction on the real problem in Ontario .

Neo Conservative said...

what i find interesting is the draconian government response over a single farmer's product... i mean, they sent armed officers in on a raid.

didn't hear about any of that at maple leaf foods over an actual listeria contamination that killed 22 people countrywide.

and tobacco companies... which sell a product that causes tens of thousands of canadian deaths yearly get a total pass.

funny how that works.


Philanthropist said...

The 'Milk marketing board' is an extremely powerful and wealthy monopsony, and they have friends in high places.

The police will do what they're told, it's not about a public health threat, it's about how much money the Milk Mafia puts in politicians pockets.

Ontario enjoys some of the highest prices in the world for dairy products, give the kids a Pepsi for breakfast, it's cheaper - and a fact in some households.

JA Goneaux said...

I remember our neighbour smuggling eggs to us, from all the way a mile down the road. Seems the Egg Marketing Board got its talons into them after somebody dropped a dime on them. All that trouble for a dozen eggs a week...

Not to mention memories of smuggling white margarine in from Quebec....

Its the same thing with broadcasting, really: Global, Rogers and CTV buy all that American crap, bribe the government, and force us to pay for it. What's so "Canadian" about "HBO Canada", other than its owned (partially) by a Canadian company. But, no, we just can't have regular HBO, that'd be BAD...

Its the government saving us from ourselves. We can't be trusted...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... Its the government saving us from ourselves. We can't be trusted..."

except, as in the case of the tobacco and alcohol industries... they get their cut of the action.

funny how that works, huh?