27 January 2009

Iggy's tyin' himself up in knots...

...trying to make Stephen Harper look bad, but as a taxpayer... I only have one question about today's budget... "If this puppy doesn't actually fix all our economic problems, when do we get that 34 BILLION DOLLARS back?"

Just askin'.


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"And people, they do not know exactly what the effects are. Economists like to talk about it, but in the end they've been very, very wrong and most of them in recent years on this."


wilson said...

If the Coalition of Losers had not been formed,
and our government not been threatened,
would this deficit budget be happening?

Neo Conservative said...

wilson... that is, in fact... the crux of the matter.

stephen harper was obviously idealogically opposed to the whole "bailout philosophy" prior to the formation of the coalition.

this was a calculated response to the resultant media shitstorm (including the gigantic msm obamagasm) that was herding the sheeple to the left.

i suspect we'll all live to regret this whole orgy of mindless spending.

but that's politics, isn't it?


Neo Conservative said...

sorry, "liberal supporter"... you've already had your... anonymous, pottymouth... kick at the cat.

-- deleted --


langmann said...

Yeah this current budget is all politics. I think if the conservatives were sitting on a majority they probably would only have run a very small deficit this year, with spending cuts in certain unecessary areas. That idea was tested in December and the shit-storm we all remember well.

Unfortunately everything is controlled by this threat of a coalition. During the shit storm all the media were going on about how "The Conservatives need to work with the other parties. More collaboration, more Obama." Well they are working with the other party now, and we're all going to pay. (~$3000 for each working Canadian so Ford and GM can make more shitty cars no one wants).

The Canadian economy is not doing that badly to warrant this massive storm of spending.

However what really concerns me is the question of massive inflation hitting the US if Obama's spending plan has its way. As people have pointed out his projected cost per job formed (if any actually are created) is $250,000.

That is just a huge disaster waiting to happen. The Roman Emperors found out the hard way what happens when inflation spirals out of control - price controls do not work. In the early 80's efforts were made to reign in the 20+ percent interest rates which resulted in a recession, but did get the rates under necessary control. Moral of the story for the free turkey for everyone folks is as follows: all medicine has side effects.