22 January 2009

It might be a little quiet...

...around "the halls" tomorrow.

Not sure what anybody out there knows about pneumonia... but take it from me... not as much fun as it sounds.



Anonymous said...

Take care neo.
Rest and fluids and chicken soup.
And of course tlc.
Stay away from the hospital!


David Kuhn said...

feel better soon!

Roy Eappen said...

Plenty of rest and fluids are a good idea. Get well soon. Roy

Honey Pot said...

Make sure you keep moving. It is the only thing that will work it out of you. Get well soon.

Neo Conservative said...

thx to all... under a doctor's care... and on the mend.

actually could have been much worse... preliminary initial diagnosis included possible "cardiac event" and "blood clot in lung.

pucker-factor? oh, i'd say about 8 out of 10.

let's just say this turned out about as good as one could expect.


Rose said...

Hot toddies that's the ticket Neo, there is a really nasty viral cold going around bad bad stuff.

Anonymous said...

Just think, you will get a deep profound understanding with the phrase "Coughing up a lung."

I know I did when I used to a lesser strain of it.

naughtypine said...

Since laughter is the best medicine, have a look at this:


Get well soon. :)

Neo Conservative said...

"naughtypine says... laughter is the best medicine"

i wonder who else has been reading it that way?

thx... that was good.