28 January 2009

Hey Iggy, you get all kung-fu...

...on the neighbourhood poodle... that doesn't necessarily mean you're ready for the wolfhound challenge...

-- OTTAWA -- Liberal MPs emerged from a meeting last night saying they expect their leader, Michael Ignatieff, will demand changes to yesterday's Conservative budget in return for their support.

It's unclear whether the Liberals would demand substantive changes or more minor concessions.

I bet it is.



Anonymous said...

Iggy is a blowhard. This is the farthest left that the Tories are going to go with a budget and still, STILL the Liberals are trying to wring out concessions?!

The Tories have bent over backwards with this budget and I hope the Tories tell the
Liberals and their leader to go to hell and either accept the budget as it is, or defeat the government and take their chances with their little coalition or the electorate. Enough of this crap, time to call their bluff.

Neo Conservative said...

well, he's still feeling a little flush after deposing "king steffi the lame"... this harper thing promises to be a battle of a whole other magnitude.

let's see what sort of prancing he does at his 11 o'clock presser.