31 January 2009

Yeah... like World War II

It was worth it.

“I will wait here until the night. I must vote before I die,” he said. “Maybe they are trying to steal my vote. But I will not allow it. I am still alive. I am not dead yet.”
Perhaps Iraq is actually turning a corner here...
Iraqi officials say provincial elections Saturday in the country have ended without reports of major violence.

In a vote seen as a crucial test of Iraq's stability, voters picked representatives for 14 of the country's 18 local councils. More than 14,000 candidates sought 440 seats in Iraq's first provincial elections since 2005.

BREAKING: Another Canadian casualty

Again, underlining the stark truth, that... "freedom isn't free".
Sapper Sean David Greenfield, 25, a combat engineer based in Petawawa, Ont., died when his vehicle struck an improvised explosive device, or IED, in the western reaches of Zhari district, about 35 kilometres west of Kandahar city.

Sapper Greenfield was a member of the 3rd Battalion, of the Royal Canadian Regiment battle group.
He will be remembered.



Anonymous said...

Neo, you don't know Jack! Stick to your local news.

Neo Conservative said...

"cc-nonymous wails... you don't know Jack!"

now, nonny... what, in your wildest fantasies, makes you imagine that anyone would take absolutely any of their cues from anonymous little trolls.

but hey, gomer... thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

Neo, you are what you call a "nonny", you are a nonny blogger. Go ahead and live your nonny fantasy, but if your going to blog about our troops, come out of the closet.

Neo Conservative said...

and yet again... the indisputable wisdom of anonymous trolls.

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