15 January 2009

Ask an Opposition Leader

Iggy comes out loud and clear... "Welcome back Khadr"...

Our party’s position is long-standing and clear: the government must ensure Mr. Khadr’s rights as a Canadian citizen. I am calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to work with the Obama Administration to facilitate Mr. Khadr’s return to Canada on an urgent basis.
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...for 107 dead Canadian soldiers...
Many audience members could be seen crying as Mr. Edney described some of his Guantanamo Bay experiences. In one instance, he explained to the crowd how some prisoners at the Naval base tried to kill themselves, even as their hands and feet were shackled.

“You commit suicide by chewing on your wrists.”
Except, of course... that Omar didn't.

Anybody got the actual number of deaths by suicide at Gitmo? I "googled" it a bunch of different ways and came up with nothing.



Aviator said...

Maybe he can be boarded at Stornaway? I certainly don't want the little b@st@rd back in my country, trial or no trial, however.

wilson said...

Obama, an American Pres,
would set free someone, with know and documented Bin Laden ties,
who was charged with killing an American soldier (at age 15)
I wonder how Americans will feel about that?

Neo Conservative said...

"aviator says... certainly don't want the little b@st@rd back"

it appears as though you're not alone there.


Anonymous said...

Did Ignatieff really say that this was "a long standing view of HIS party?"

Did he mean the Liberal Party which had the same policy as Stephen Harper since 2002 or so when this guy was arrested?

So just how "long standing" is this policy to set Khadr free? Only since the Liberals were no longer government in 2006 so they could use the issue to make political hay?

Maybe someone should give Ignatieff a history lesson. After all, thihe has only been around HIS party since 2004 or so and is one of the least experienced MPs in the entire parliament of any party.

The only thing he has ever managed is his own career and publicity campaigns.

What a shallow fellow -

Anonymous said...

So where was Iggy during his 28 years in the USA ?????

Please don't try to tell me he is that stupid that he never ever ever
heard about Omar Khadr or GITMO prison over the last 5 years, NOW he has taken a stance on Human Rights ?
What did the Liberals do for William Samson when those savage Saudis held him in a jail on false charges and were going to behead him , Samson was a White/Christian and had no Pro-Jahid thugs in canada that could threaten Canadians with riots and violence as we see no for most Muslims in Western democracies juts because a Democratic U.N. Member had to protect its Citizens from a Murderous bunch of Islamists firing rockets into their Nation.

Just look at the Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver pro-Hamas rallies by a group of Bigots and blood thirsty Islamists , the Rally Leaders are now tryin to tell Canadians that they never saw the heteful thugs making death threats to canadian civilains and Terrorism threats to Canada for befriending "The Jeeeeews".

But Canadians are far smarter than this idiots and didn't rely on CBC or CTV to cover these Islamist thugs , Canadians went to these Jew-bashing hatefests with theirown Video cameras and have the evbidence that Rally Security with Coloured vest and Headsets knew exactly who took the bullhorns and then took the stage to spew death theats to Canadians and canada.

Syed Ryan got sucked into this Islamofascists near riot rally that was in the guise of Free-palestine and had a cross-Spectrum of Citizens.
Yeah...Right , Hindus Sikhs Budhists Amish and Mormons all speak and read Arabic while their females wear Hijabs and Burkas.
Hezbollah,Hamas,Jihad,and other Islamic flags are seen in every Church around canada and it had to have been a cross-section of all faiths at the rally.

One very famous Video also on YouTube is the Muslim youth who gets up on a platform with a bullhorn and yells out threats and hate while not one persons stops hims.
Syed Ryan can claim he abhors this hatred and doesn't endorse it , BUT......lets ask Syed from CUPE if anyone stopped these morons and yahoos when they did spew their vile and Evil tirade against 'The Jews' .

Palestinians have been used by the Islamofascists around the world that want to slaughter evry Jew and then go after every one of the 5 billion non-Muslims on earth.

Iggy and yahoos like the usefull idiots in the NDP shuild go the gaza and see exactly how long they get to live before Hamas slits their throat and then plays soccer with their beheaded heads .

Please take Olivia Chow,Libby Davies,Bill Siksay,Svend Robinson,Kyle Rae,Peggy Nash and a few other pro-Taliban leftists that see them as the victims of the big bad USA .
Canadians were scammed by the Whahabbi-CAIR org run by Sheema Khan and other, they worked to get Arar out of Syria before his Military trial as a Draft-Dodger , his wife used Taqqiyah to fool the media and claim Maher was tortured and was grabbed by the USA and sent to Syria.
Arar was send to Jordan since his wife is Palstinian and has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia , the Arar's fled canada for Tunisia and Maher tried to sneak into the USA at JFK to meet up with his Buddies at CAIR.
CAIR's own Nihad Awad was part of a Palestinian terror group that started up CAIR to raise money for Jihad against Israel and the USA , juts do a google search for CAIR usa and read baout the 5 members now in prison for terrorism ties to Hamas and Hezballah.
Arar had a secong home in Boston near the 9/11 airport where the planes were hijacked from.

The Canadian media refuses to reveal these facts from the Arar Inquiry and they still won't mention that the witnesses for Arar are from CAIR's list of pro-Jihad followers and now benefits financially from Donations to the University Of Ottawa from the Arar's $$$millions.

The Inquiry was a ruse by CAIR's Lawyers because the evidence given can't be used to make new Criminal Charges agaisnt people mentioned in the Inquiry, evidence can't be used in Court either, so Arar will never have to answer to all his Allegations for Canada being a racist anti-Arab nation that oppresses Muslims.

This is why those violent thugs in canada get to spew their hate , they use Free-speech to Allege harm and oppression to avoid arrests because they merely Infer Jews are veil filthy pigs and related to monkeys and apes.

Omar Khard will be praised and exalted a a hero in canada and be paraded around at future Jew-bashing rallies, but I wish someone would tell the gay flag wavers at the rallies that Khadrs family hates you and the taliban still kills Homosexuals in public.

Darwin may have had a point, Muslims will actually help us thin-out the gene-pool for the weaker/Stupid yahoos that can't see that they are slitting theirown throats by siding with the Pro-hamas morons at CUPE.

JA Goneaux said...

I do wonder: is the Left's pre-occupation with the Khadrs because of the age of some of them, or does the Left make this much fuss over EVERY mercenary?

Didn't some right-wing wackos try to overthrow Dominica a few decades ago?

What's the diff, really, between that and trying to overthrow Afghanistan?

Peter Jamison said...

Hey! What ever happened to Omar's sister?
She was doing a hunger strike on Parliament Hill last fall to protest the Harper government and secure Omar's return to Canada, but I haven't heard anything of her since.

She claimed at the time that she'd stay there until she got satisfaction.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... where was Iggy during his 28 years in the USA"

well... i think he was actually in england for most of that... but whew, good to get all that off your chest, huh?