18 January 2009


I've just run across the Canadian equivalent of full-fledged Oba-mania at the Globe & Mail... as illustrated by this slobbery paean to the Puffin Party...

"But he made no mention of the Liberal—NDP coalition that is supposedly still waiting in the wings to take power if Stephen Harper's government does not survive a budget vote."
Funny... uber-journalist Campbell Clark seems to have forgotten that there was a third partner in this unholy alliance.

Poor ol' Gilles is mysteriously left out... yet again.

So Campbell, I have only one question... "Exactly how many whiskies does it take to get that taste outta yer mouth?"

Hope, Change... and oops... silly me.


UPDATE: Let the Moonbattery commence...

The CTV affiliate in Ottawa just publicly wet their journalistic pants... leading off with obsequious coverage of... "the party for one of the MOST IMPORTANT MOMENTS IN HISTORY!"


The discovery of germ theory? Nuclear fission? Putting a man on the moon?

They've all been superceded?

Well... thanks for letting us know.



Philanthropist said...

Iggy's still playing footsie with separatists apparently, even if the Globe & Mail missed that part completely, it's good to know.

robins111 said...

Iggy can claim the puffin as his own.

But I'm wondering how a puffin tastes, with an orange glaze, some wild rice?


Neo Conservative said...

"the Liberal—NDP coalition"

no wonder poor ol' gilles has a bit of an "inferiority complex".

puts me in mind of obama's "non-relationship" with tony rezko.

"tony who?"... cry the faithful, "never heard of him".


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Obviously, math is not a strong suit at the Globe.

Neo Conservative said...

"Joanne (True Blue) says... Obviously, math is not a strong suit at the Globe."

nor, apparently... journalism.