31 January 2009

And this little Iggy...

...went wee-wee-wee... all the way home...

I’m also aware that Ignatieff didn’t want to govern in a coalition with socialists and separatists. It’s common knowledge that he was the Very Last Liberal™ to sign this all-important document. Give him a big round of applause, folks.

But seriously, while his apprehension was well-founded, Ignatieff ultimately signed the document. He may not have initiated the coalition, and his written consent was surely a case of taking one for the team.

But history will always show that he was a willing participant (of sorts) in a political coup d’état.


wilson said...

Like the NEP, some things just simply get etched in your brain, never forgotten.
The coalition coup d’état is one such event.

Tho 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
Iggy had 2 successful coup's, getting rid of Dion and Rae.

Neo Conservative said...

for better or worse, iggy's certainly managed to put himself on the map with this one.


Anonymous said...

You obviously do not know the Canadian Constitution or the Westminster parliamnetary system. As a result you don't know what a coup is either.

You can look up prorogue and you will find a picture of Harper hiding behind the Governor General. Coward.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, yes... the indisputable wisdom of anonymous trolls


Anonymous said...

Duceppe is now putting separatism back on the front burner:

"In 2008, Bloc and Parti Quebecois victories brought hope to sovereigntists. It's up to us now to translate this hope into action."

This does not help the Liberal Party's appeal for federalist votes in Quebec, or anywhere in Canada, since it was Iggy's party that coopted the support of the Bloc in an attempt to oust the Conservative government. Less than 2 months later, the Bloc could care less about supporting any federal party, and is back on its separatist bandwagon.

Having that coalition govern Canada would have been a disaster.

The reckless judgment of the Liberal Party to jump into bed with separatists and socialists solely to get back in power is something worth reminding Canadians of during the next election.

maryT said...

Wonder if annon thinks Chretain was also hiding behind the GGs skirt/pants when he did the same thing for a lot longer. PMSH only asked for 5 days, regardless of how the media and leftists try to spin it. This person sounds like someone who has infected Angry the last couple of days.
PMSH must be doing the right thing to cause so much hate and venom to be printed. Then maybe they are trying to get posters to stop coming to the blogs. However, it is educational to find out how they think, (if they think).
Most canadians think it was a coup, just because no one was killed and the troops weren't called out, it was an attempted coup.

Patsplace said...

I've heard several times that the Puffin was the last signature on the treasonous agreement, but it seems to me that I've also read that his was one of the first signatures on the sheet. Not that it matters, he agreed to it.

For Jack bin Layton, these must be tough days. So close to a cabinet seat, with an iron clad agreement that he couldn't lose his job for two years, crooked as such an agreement would be...and Poof! All gone. Poor Mini-Marx!

Neo Conservative said...

looks like iggy's jilted fiancee... is letting the wedding dress slip.

hey, puffin king... how do you like him now?