24 January 2009

Yeah, it looks like a urine sample...

...but it can't be that bad for you, right?

I got about half way through it and decided to look at what was in Dole "100% Juice." I figured it was from concentrate and I wasn't wrong, but I did get a surprise.

Concentrate from ten different countries? Holy crap.

Looking at that list, I probably wouldn't even drink the water from seven out of the ten.

Seriously, why would Pepsico need to get apple concentrate from China? Although I suppose it probably is pretty cheap to get juice from apples grown in the composted shit piles of a thousand peasants.

Once you chip off the lead coating, I mean.


Anonymous said...

I've been saying it for years, what we eat, drink, pills we take, what we smoke and what we slather on our bodies is what is responsible for the cancer epidemic we have. (real conservative)

JA Goneaux said...
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JA Goneaux said...

This is pretty much the Number One reason my wife doesn't take me shopping for food: I read EVERY label.

Not a health nut, per se. I'm kind hooked on sour ju jubes, for instance.

But this is sick.

Oh, and of course, anything with corn syrup. Now THAT is a scam. The only reason why its in everything is because its cheap.

And the only reason its cheap is because it is heavily subsidized in the States. You know, that anti-government, free-enterprise Mecca...

(sorry had to delete the first comment, typo...)

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... Oh, and of course, anything with corn syrup."

thing on the radio this morning about the disappearing bee plague... apparently one of the things they do now is feed bees corn syrup.