25 January 2009

Obambo - First Blood

Apparently, the new American President... is just as megalomaniacal & bloodthirsty as the last guy...

Angry demonstrators at a big rally in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday condemned a U.S-led raid against Taliban insurgents in their area they say killed 16 Afghan civilians.

President Hamid Karzai also has criticized the operation, saying civilian deaths in anti-terror raids are helping the cause of extremist forces.


robins111 said...

I may have a brain fart, but it appears to me that the Obamamessia, has just picked a fight with Rush?

Now how stupid is that, I can't wait for this to play out.

What do you think Neo, one or two testicals on the first go around?

Crazymamma said...

Yes Obamao did take on Rush, to get the true drift may I suggest the following reading? Obamao and the new "localism". Time to keep a good eye out on this.

Cause you gotta know if it works even a teeny tiny bit there the CRTC is gonna go for it big time.