28 January 2009

Wanna see Dr Dawg...

...and Canadian Cynic lose their collective minds? Ask them to read today's Toronto Sun... (pls note... no names have been changed to protect the guilty).

Anyway, let's get right to it... "Remember when you were a kid and people settled arguments with two ton automobiles"?

-- TORONTO -- An apprentice electrician admitted yesterday he killed a teenaged kitchen cabinet painter by driving over him in his Ford Explorer in a dispute between two groups of men outside a bar.

Gagan Deep Singh, 26, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing the death of Mark Shaba, 19, of Rexdale, on Oct. 21, 2007, in a dispute in the parking lot of Arizona Bar and Grill on Carlingview Dr.
Yeah... me neither.

I've gotta confess... I don't get this whole "dissing" thing. Where exactly... and no, you can't put it all on Vin Diesel... does this stupid shit come from?

At what precise moment in time, did it become acceptable to mete out an extra-judicial death penalty... because somebody didn't agree with you?

That's sure not how it used to work.


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The Hamilton Spectator is a nest of racist vipers too...
Hamilton police say they have received new information from Toronto police that Gavin Storer of Hamilton was the likely target in an execution-style shooting that killed another Hamiltonian, Msemaji Granger, 24, as they left a 50 Cent rap concert at Ontario Place on July 1, 2003.

Storer is wanted by Hamilton police for first-degree murder in the brutal beating and shooting of Shaheen Sherzady, 23, on July 1, 2007.
P.S. -- Kathy Shaidle says hi.



robins111 said...

Sounds Like Irish names to me Neo,

you know how they are.

Neo Conservative said...

well.. oblique allusions to the issue aren't that helpful either... but, of course, there's a huge disincentive in society today to speak directly to this problem.

the fact is... there is, in canada today, a culture of urban violence unlike anything i ever knew when i was younger... and the people participating in that milieu are largely from what we have come to delicately label "the visible minority".

and everybody is afraid to acknowledge that fact... never mind try remediate the issue... because people like dawg & cc and their ilk are always screaming about racism.

it doesn't mean all criminals are from minority groups... most immigrants drive their kids to get an education and take advantage of the multiplicity of opportunities in this great land... but only an idiot would deny these folks are proportionally over-represented in the statistics.

and it's not just about poverty folks... or the maritimes would be a hotbed of criminal violence.

this is learned behaviour... and factors like single parent families and lack of personal responsibility are way up on the causation list. the whole "dis me and die" culture is both frightening and repugnant.

let's not even get into the whole "don't snitch" thing... that's just morally bankrupt... and leads to mass sociopathy.

the sad fact is, nothing will be solved by pretending the problem just doesn't exist.

if you're not measuring... you're not managing. time to pull those heads outta the sand, sportsfans.