22 January 2009

Three weeks... five murders

Perhaps, instead of harassing law-abiding members of Toronto gun clubs... Mayor Miller should be considering "a surge"...

A 19-year-old man found shot to death on Keele St. Tuesday night is Toronto’s fifth homicide victim of 2009.

Emergency workers were called to Keele St. and Donald Rd., just south of Eglinton Ave., around 10:45 p.m. by a TTC bus passenger who heard gunshots.

They arrived to find the man sprawled on the sidewalk, suffering two gunshot wounds to his chest.

UPDATE: More slaughter in Hogtown...
-- TORONTO -- A man has been taken to hospital after a shooting at a downtown Toronto subway station Thursday morning.

Lyla Millar said two ambulances responded. One of the ambulances transported a male victim believed to be in critical condition to a trauma centre in Toronto.
No word yet from "His Blondeness" on which gun club is responsible.



Anonymous said...

Harassing gun clubs? Hardly. Since the mayor supports a ban on hand guns, it makes perfect sense that the city not lease publicly owned property to these clubs, law abiding or not.

You may not agree with Miller's position on gun control but to suggest he's harassing anyone is simply nonsense.

Perhaps Chief Blair bears some responsibility in all this or are you afraid to harass the cops?

mark said...

Since no gun club member is responsible for these gang murders, yes it is harassment. The whole principle of punishing those responsible for the crime and not the bystanders a little complicated for you?

Anonymous said...

Gun clubs have no place on public properties. When a pro-gun mayor runs on that agenda and wins, then what you say will matter. Until then, go polish your pistol.

Guys with guns have small dicks. It's a proven fact.

Neo Conservative said...

"cc-nonymous spits... Guys with guns have small dicks. It's a proven fact."

so lemme see if i follow this amazing logic... let's chase perfectly law-abiding citizens, pursuing a perfectly legal hobby out of town... because it will have an impact on the murders committed by (almost exclusively) gang-bangin' thugs.

i'll leave the "penis lore" to you, nonny... but it appears as though we've discovered something about smaller brains.


Murray the Hun said...

Is that you, Wendy?

Frances said...

Note to anonymous: I understand some of Canada's Olympic medallists belong to gun clubs. What does that make them - especially the women?

Murray the Hun said...


Perhaps small penis envy?

disgusted said...

An alternative approach to use of guns by gang members, is to refuse medical attention for known gang members who are shot. If medical attention is provided, the gang member would have his thumb amputated. You can not shoot a gun without a thumb

Rural and Right said...

Liberal Supporter, have a look at the serial number it will tell you were the gun came from it is not rocket science. Then again it depends on what shooting range the gangsters and hoodlums belong to. Yes Liberal Supporter, it is farmers, hunters, collectors, and target shooters fault for criminals using guns in their crimes,'Mr. nonny'. Now go and read Iggy's books and dream of the Coalition with the seperatists and you will feel much better. ...

"just a little bit of 'pixel dust'" ...
"think of the happiest things" ...

Neo Conservative said...

a note to commenters... don't bother responding to uber-troll liberal supporter.

despite his desperate never-ceasing need to wipe his shit all over the walls here... he lost his right to be here a long time ago.

-- deleted --


Rural and Right said...

My apologies Neo, I am a little fired up over this whole farmer john long gun registry, and liberals continually trying to put blame for criminals with guns on on every law abiding firearm owner in Canada.

A liberal friend of mine recently informred me that he felt that all fireamrs in Canada should be stored in police garrisons to be signed out when needed for permitted purposes.

The next step after registration seems to be heading in the direction of confiscation, with liberal thinking like this.

Neo Conservative said...

"Rural and Right says... My apologies Neo..."

no need to apologise... it's just that 'liberal supporter' is doing his best to try stymie actual conversation by clogging up the comment threads with his fuzzy-bunny nonsense.

over the last 24 hours our crusading hero has dropped yet another three bags full in the various posts here. i do have to say, what he lacks in perspicacity, he makes up for in determination... think 'eleanor rigby with tourettes'.

good ol' libsupp... saving the world from the malicious influence of my humble musings.

i guess it's important to feel you have a purpose in this life.

dogs have fleas... i have trolls. we just don't have to play their game.


Neo Conservative said...

so where is "his blondeness" anyway?

ah, yes... having a taxpayer-funded vacation in la-la land...

"Toronto Mayor David Miller, who is on a trip to Los Angeles meant to promote Toronto's film industry, said he was "shocked and alarmed" by the shooting."

"'Toronto is, by any standard, the safest large city in North America and the TTC is a safe public transit system,' the mayor said in a statement distributed by his office. 'But incidents like this remind us that we must remain vigilant when it comes to public safety'."

"Mr. Miller has been pushing for a national ban on handguns, but did not mention the campaign in his statement."


Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter whines... it's just you that can't stand dissent"

dissent huh?

that's what you call it?

sorry, troll-boy... i think i'll just take a pass.

-- deleted, yet again --