29 January 2009

So I guess a "spring wedding"...

...is out of the question...

-- OTTAWA -- New Democrats have produced a series of scathing radio ads lambasting the Liberals for propping up Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government.

The ads claim Mr. Ignatieff has failed his first test as leader and has thrown in his lot with Mr. Harper; they argue that the NDP's Jack Layton is the only leader strong enough to stand up to the Prime Minister.
(h/t reader rich)


wilson said...

Libs support Harper government vote #46

''Although the NDP supported the Bloc amendment, the Liberals joined Conservative MPs to vote it down.''


alexb said...

Me thinks Taliban Jacks days of being Dipper leader are numbered.

Neo Conservative said...

from a half dozen fiberal-allotted federal cabinet seats to political obscurity... jacko just learned a very hard lesson.

maybe he can take steffi out for beers and they can commiserate.