29 January 2009

Paging "Lucy" Warman...

...oh please, please, please... don't tell me the "war on hurtful words" is over.



Anonymous said...

Warren Kinsella - successful lawyer, published author, top political strategist, father, husband.

Kate McMillan - hockey helmet spray painter, spinster

Neo - unemployed nobody.

I betcha Warren loses sleep worrying what twits like you and KKKKate think.

Trent said...

And thus, the drooling left, stumble on over.

What is the matter left-tard? Bigotry only flows in one direction when its YOU guys doing it?

Typical leftist hypocrisy.

Neo Conservative said...

"wornout kinsella shrieks... betcha Warren loses sleep worrying what twits like you and KKKKate think."

well, warren... you cared enough to drop around and try muddy the water with your "you're a poopyhead" argument.

funny though... you chose not to speak to your "hurtful words" directed at the chinese community, or better yet... your erasing the offending post and replacing it with something else entirely.


you'd best be on your way, my friend... plenty of other websites you have to... "cough, cough"... fix.


JA Goneaux said...

Successful lawyer? Proof? Running a lobbying firm hardly qualifies one as a "successful lawyer". Bit of a waste of four years in uni, when all you need is a diploma in schmooze. Most bar tenders could make a good living as a lobbyist, if they wanted to give up the tips.

Published author? Since when is churning out heavily taxpayer subsidized door stoppers authoring anything?

Top political strategist? Like a ten-year old bragging he should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame after scoring ten goals in a street hockey game, Kinsella continues to dine out on his self-proclaimed legend as a "giant killer". He didn't take on Mike Harris, went against a divided right-wing, and knew Martin and Dion were weak. Picking only fights you can win is a good strategy, but hardly "ass kicking".

Father? Most guys with sperm can become one. Doesn't take any brain power. And let's hope his hero-worship of Jean Chretien by adopting a Native child works out better than Chretien's...

Husband? Likewise.

Neo Conservative said...

here's the thing... even don cherry has more couth than special k.


Anonymous said...

It will be the Liberal MPs that insist that Kinsella be fired... just like it was the MPs that insisted Allan Rock get rid of him during the old days of liberal leadership, and just like it was senior PMO staff that kept Warren out of Chretien's PMO... Kinsella is an old washed up has-been who is stuck in the early 1990s. It is sad...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... It will be the Liberal MPs that insist that Kinsella be fired"

funny...just deafening silence so far. anybody happen to hear where uber self-righteous iggy is on this one?