24 January 2009

Come for the 'Clubbin'...

...stay for the trauma team...

One man was shot in the leg and arm while a woman suffered a minor injury when a gunman opened fire in a crowded Entertainment District nightclub this morning, Toronto Police say.

A 21-year-old woman was hurt in the face by flying shrapnel, police said.
Just another reason why.



Rural and Right said...

I wonder how the photography lessons are going at Henry's?

Neo Conservative said...

my guess is, these are the only cameras that are gonna make a difference...

"And close behind were detectives anxious to scrutinize the Osgoode station's video footage, which didn't take long. Within a few hours, a photo of the suspected shooter was posted on the police website and scooped up by media outlets. Yesterday, investigators continued to piece together his trail, in part by using cameras at other points on the transit system."


Anonymous said...

Err, which island does he come from? (real conservative)

JA Goneaux said...

Hey,I just came from one of those photo lessons at Henry's actually.

Needless to say, the camera stayed in my backback on the subway.

But I am DAMNED glad all all those shooting ranges have been shut down here. I mean, look at the difference its made already...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Err, which island does he come from?"

see... this is the kind of comment that gets me hip deep in hysterical socialists screamin' about how racist i am.

so please keep this sort of shit to yourself. i deal in specifics... not the "all people from this place are criminals", or conversely... 'all cops are racists."

we deal in facts here. if you have some actual information about the thug who pulled the trigger... by all means share it.

keep the other crap to yourself.

that clear enough for everybody?