01 July 2008

Sunni days are here again?

If the two Islamic factions in Iraq can't manage to get along with each other... is there any hope for them at all?

-- BAGHDAD, July 1 -- Iraq's main Sunni Muslim political bloc is on the verge of rejoining the Shiite-led government after a nearly a year-long boycott, a step widely seen as vital to reconciling the nation's warring factions.

Sunni leaders said Tuesday they delivered names to fill five cabinet posts and the position of deputy prime minister to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. He plans to submit them to a parliamentary vote, but it was unclear when this would occur.

Try, try again...



langmann said...

The BBC must have been hacked... Four videos interviewing Iraqis stating that Baghdad has improved, two even commenting on how it was a good thing that the U.S. removed Saddam. One psychiatrist delicately explaining that Iraqis had been suffering under oppression and warfare during most of Saddam's tenure.

Oh and an article stating that John McCain is a man of the people who talks straight.

The elite ruling class must be asleep at the switch today...

Neo Conservative said...

maybe, just maybe... iraqis are ready to stop all the crazy, homicidal shit... and get on with their lives.

i've got my fingers crossed.


langmann said...

neo: "maybe, just maybe... iraqis are ready to stop all the crazy, homicidal shit..."

Maybe the majority of them always were, and it simply required giving a good beating to the criminals... a reminder to us all here, especially the moonbats like CC, of how thin the line is between anarchy and law.