14 April 2008

While the media...

Loses its collective mind over the medical marijuana program... Steffi and the fiberals get a free pass on their proposed nanny-state initiative to set up a country-wide chain of taxpayer funded shooting galleries for degenerate junkies...
-- OTTAWA -- Medical marijuana users are on the hook for more than $500,000 in unpaid bills for government-certified weed, raising questions about the effectiveness of Health Canada's troubled dope program.
Now, the blurb I heard on CTV news the other night... stated that most of the people on the pharma-pot train were also unemployed... so I guess the dope is actually just part of the equation here.

But the actual cost of this program pales in comparison to other similar initiatives. Consider the cool quarter-mil the McSlippery government is shelling out in Ottawa alone... to give junkies daisy fresh spikes to mainline heroin.

Or how about the millions being pissed away at the "safe"-injection site in Vancouver?
The annual operating cost of Insite is $3 million or $14 per visit in the year ended August 2007. The 500 most frequent users went more than 400 times at an average cost per person of $13,100.
Multiply this idiocy across the broad spectrum of government-funded social programs and you'll soon see why we don't have the money to pay for adequate health care for people who choose to work for a living.

Just something to ponder, the next time you're killing a few hours at your local hospital emergency room.