06 December 2020

The Hair-Sniffer in Chief has...

...yet another brain fart...insert alt text here
When asked about potential disagreements with Harris if installed in the White House, Biden bewildered viewers by declaring that he would “develop some disease and say I have to resign” • which may have been meant as a joke, but is a possibility that Trump voters have warned about for months.

Kamala Harris smiled along with Biden during the incident, though she shook her head ever so slightly as he “joked” about manufacturing a disease to blame his resignation on.
Sweet baby jebus...
“He doesn’t do interviews because he is so incoherent; this is why they kept him in the basement for the majority of the campaign.”
NOT THE FIRST TIME IT'S COME UP:insert alt text here
If Politico’s report is true, Biden is correct to support giving the presidency to a new generation of Democrats as soon as possible after Trump has been ousted.