18 December 2020

ANTIFA/BLM need to reclaim Hollywood

As usual, the actual gold is in the comments...
"If Keanu Reeves can’t actually dodge bullets, then too bad for him... I guess he wasn’t The One."
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"No more war movies unless all the actors are veterans, no more crime drama unless real criminals are shot, no more police dramas unless all are actually police."

"While we're at it, no more Hollywood fakery at all. No more stunt people. Breed real dinosaurs and have them eat real people."


"It’s because it’s called acting, you dumb fuck!"

“This is how screwed up my country is right now,” Burr says. “You know Bryan Cranston, right? That dude did a movie, he played a quadriplegic, and people gave him shit.  Being like, ‘Why is there an able-bodied person playing a quadriplegic?’"
"See, if he was a quadriplegic playing a quadriplegic, that’s not acting. They’re just fucking laying there saying shit that someone else wrote.”