29 December 2020

If you only had a choice

How's the "Great Reset" working out for you so far, Mr Scarecrow?
The most cynical expression of unions’ lack of concern for students came earlier this year in Los Angeles.

The 35,000-member United Teachers of Los Angeles demanded, among other things, that local officials defund the police; pushed for a “moratorium” on charter schools; and insisted policymakers enact Medicare for All, provide more welfare for illegal immigrants, and levy enormous new taxes on commercial properties and “wealth.”

Of course, none of these things have anything to do with education. They’re just part of the much broader extremist agenda of the far left, which now largely controls American education.


There’s a solution for this dilemma. De-unionize the nation’s public schools.

Unions have damaged American education, dumbing down curricula, filling kids’ heads with anti-American socialist dogma, and presiding over decades of rising costs and declining or stagnant test scores.

It’s time to restore local control by parents over education. A system that works.