13 December 2020

Come for the spicy, exotic cuisine...

...stay for the softly sucking chest wound. 

most wanted
Three people were injured, one seriously, after the occupants of a car were shot and later struck a pole in the parking lot of Scarborough’s Cedarbrae Mall on Saturday night.

Two suspects in a blue Kia Forte opened fire on another car striking two occupants.

At least eight shots were fired and the victims vehicle lost control and struck a light pole.

Obviously, the solution here is taking registered firearms away from law-abiding citizens.

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"How did boring, white-bread Scarberia become Scarlem — a mess of street gangs, firebombings and stabbings?"
"Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly had issued a call for city council to ask the media to sign a "protocol" in which news outlets would agree to stop identifying Scarborough as the location of crimes occurring east of Victoria Park Ave."
BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE:insert alt text here
Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Rowan Atkins, 32, after a woman was shot at Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto Saturday morning.

Atkins is also accused of threatening the neighbourhood of Regent Park with death on his Instagram account.