15 December 2020

So... they've at least ruled out...

...the baby didn't commit seppuku?

Blood pattern analysis & 3D laser scans? You take the bullet that killed the baby and microscopically compare the striations to the rifled barrels of weapons seized at the scene...

Two and a half weeks since a police standoff with a young father that ended with a baby boy dead, the SIU says it is still trying to determine the source of the bullet that killed the infant.

"The SIU assures the public that it is working as expeditiously as possible."

Hey there Barney Fife... I'm thinkin' you shouldn't be saying that out loud.

And I'm just spitballin' here, but how is shooting at a vehicle knowing there's a baby inside, (even if there were no subsequent injuries) not an inexcusable crime in and of itself?