11 December 2020

The Great Biden-Harris Reset...

...is proceeding apace...insert alt text here
It appears as though antifa and their affiliated terrorist organizations have successfully established a Portland autonomous zone in the blocks around the now-famous Red House after running off police and sheriffs who had a judges order to evict a family from their foreclosed home on Tuesday morning.

The initial response to police showing up at the “Red House on Mississippi” was frantic and ad hoc, but a day later occupiers appeared determined to hold any incursions at bay.

By Wednesday, they had stockpiled homemade shields and other defensive gear, piled up rocks and bricks and laid down homemade spike strips to puncture the tires of any vehicles that could breach the barricades.

If I might interject here... it's bulldozer time.  

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At least 81 calls were received for incidents at the red house zone, everything from shots fired to vandalism.

What was a legitimate issue of eviction of a family has become a nightmare for Portland.

Those arrested were released, per the policy of the Multnomah County DA.
PORTLAND, Ore. — The family at the center of the "Red House" protest has a second home less than two miles away in North Portland, KGW News has confirmed through property records.


Nothing an A10 Warthog couldn't take care of...

Two days later the leftists continued to illegally occupy the newly established autonomous zone and expanded it to its now three-block diameter.