13 December 2020

I'm so old, I remember when...

...King Joffrey Trudeau promised a "Proportional Representation" electoral system...insert alt text here
Trudeau announced on Friday his government will raise the carbon tax from the current level of $30 a tonne to $170 a tonne by 2030 with increases each and every year.

Depending on whose price calculations you believe, that is between 36 and 40 cents to a litre of gas, never mind all the other price increases we will see.

Funny thing though, this is exactly what the Liberals said they would not do ahead of the last election.

But, but, but... the Liberals wouldn't lie to us... right?  

FUN FROGGY FACT: insert alt text here

LAST WORD: PM Sox even lied to the Brittle GrrMaid...insert alt text here
Mr. Trudeau pledged in 2019 that the government would plant two billion more trees by 2030, or about 200 million extra trees a year.

The Canadian Forest Service said the program has yet to be allocated a single dime.
Oh, look... they just repromised!