22 November 2015

Whaddaya say we ask...

...Nathan Cirillo's mother about plans to guard Syrian refugees with Canadian military reservists...

“One of my fears is that they won’t have enough boots on the ground and they’re going to get killed.”

The parent also wants to know if soldiers will be properly armed with live ammunition.

“If they are armed and these kids have to defend themselves and end up shooting someone, will the defence minister support them?”
No straight answers here, it looks as though the 'powers that be' will be playing "hot potato" with this one as well...
The defence department refused to say if military personnel will be used to guard refugees, or whether soldiers would be armed in the event they are used for security, or discuss any potential rules of engagement.

“We suggest that you contact Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada for further details as they are the lead for this initiative,” DND spokesman Dominique Tessier said.
And round and round we go.


Anonymous said...

during my lengthy career in the CF we had many base defence exercises and different scenarios whee weapons were deployed and when in foreign ports had sentries with weapons and this article points out that there was no real ammunition or clips with actual live shells. That is true and correct.
I believe that Cirillo's chances of survival would have been minimal at best even if he had live ammunition due to the circumstance in which he was assaulted.
To this end, Mrs. Cirillo is quite right to be concerned about live ammunition and further, the support by the defence minister and the Canadian public, not to mention the mainstream media who are always soft on these type of issues.
The perpetrator in the eyes of the public/media is almost always portrayed as the victim.

fernstalbert said...

What I find remarkable is that the refugees will be on military bases and have access to equipment, guns and ammo. Even if this is not a direct threat - the fact that they will be up close and personal to observe our military is alarming.

Anonymous said...

Why would they need guards? The three stooges Ralph, John and Justin swear these refugees will be thoroughly vetted and pose absolutely no threat!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention tuberculosis and other diseases they might carry. What could possibly go wrong? I suppose some poor soldiers will have to spend Christmas guarding these migrants.

Neo Conservative said...

i understand that one of the churches in trenton (now known as quinte west) has been sold and is being turned into a mosque.

just a coincidence that it will be spitting distance from canada's largest airforce base, i'm sure.

as for arming soldiers... apparently we trust them with loaded guns if they're halfway around the world risking rheir lives to protect us... but on canadian soil, they are suddenly considered a danger to public safety.

not sure how that works.

by the way, can anybody think of anything more useless than a firearm that doesn't have any ammunition?


Martin said...

"the government will have to do some of the health and security screening after refugees arrive in Canada in order to meet its Jan. 1 deadline".

But surely, once landed on Canadian soil they come under full protection of Trudeau Sr's Charter and any attempts to remove them for whatever reason will involve lengthly legal battles. This precedent which I find absurd was set many years ago.
As for this government standing up for soldiers if a violent incident occurs with the migrants, do not count on it.

Neo Conservative said...

fwiw... pls note that the title of the blog post is my own wry twist on the situation... the article does not quote nathan cirillo's mother, but the mother of a serving reservist.

regardless, the point stands.

since when did security concerns go out the window. in light of the paris and mali attacks and the tense situation in belgium, how does pierre-lite get off dropping this weight on canadians?

don't blame me... i didn't vote for him.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says........it sure is difficult to kill your enemy without ammo in your weapon.

Neo Conservative said...


liberals announcing that syrian families will now get priority over single men in massive refugee move.

is justin acknowledging a possible security concern here? of course, with liberal family reunification program, they'll get here anyway. screw that point system my parents had to negotiate.

apparently justin's also ordered the canadian embassy in belgium closed. i guess the religion of peace has a few glitches after all.


Bill Elder said...

We need to get some adults involved in the decision-making where national security is concerned. The current pop star government seems more concerned with image than details.

Neo, you have said it and I firmly support your contention that this Syrian/ISIS migration issue is the hill the Zoolander Libs have planted their flag on and the spot they choose to face their political demise.

Good! Let's use every negative fall out of this reckless policy to fire volleys at them. It will bePM Zoolander's last stand.

Neo Conservative said...

justin has arrogantly doubled down on a sucker bet that will likely cost some canadians their lives.

if just one of his 25,000 refugees goes off the rails and kills or maims citizens in the name of their war-loving deity... then that's on pierre-lite.

he's willing to roll the dice with our lives as table stakes.

there's your princeling, liberal fools.