25 November 2015

As much as I'd like...

...a $6000 bespoke leather jacket...only the bestI think I'd actually prefer three exquisitely tooled off-the-rack rifles.

And I think I'll start right here...reach out and touchCurrently available here in Canada in both ever popular NATO calibers. His & hers Christmas presents anyone?


Bill Elder said...

We must have the same secret santa Neo, I asked mine for the Ruger Precision in 6.5 creedmoor


Have you been a good boy?

fernstalbert said...

Check out Sebastian Gorka - he is a professor at the Marine University in the States - he advocates people get prepared to defend themselves because the government (police, military, first responders) will not be looking after your personal liberty or physical well-being. And we all laughed at the survivalists.

Neo Conservative said...

bill, i've been a very good boy, so i'm pretty sure there's gonna be a longslide, mos 10mm glock in my stocking as well.

need to see about replacing the dillon reloader i got rid of way back when. should be able to set up some nice shooting lanes back in the woods. maybe have a get to know your fellow shooting bloggers party.


Bill Elder said...

Santa sent an advanced gift in hopes of bribing me into leaving some special 190 proof eggnog for him when he delivers the toy that uses these 6.5mm dies and cases.

As for a stocking stuffer I hope for reloading bench consumables like alox, case lube, Lyman #2 alloy ingots, gas checks and tumbler media, BR primers, V-max and Berger VLD pills - lotsa work to be done this winter refilling the cases I emptied on the range and in pest control for local ranchers this year