26 November 2015

Dear PM "Imagine All the People"...

I get that aboriginal people in Canada are way more likely to be murdered, than, for example, the rest of epidermally privileged us.

What I'm curious to know is, what if the killer isn't actually that ol' racist Colonel Mustard with his Hudson's Bay blankets in the gender-specific bathroom?

According to party-poopers like StatsCan and the RCMP, there's a few other things to be considered here.
"The agency also examined the identities of those accused of homicide. It found almost a third of people accused of [homicide] last year were aboriginal. The rate of aboriginal people accused was 10 times higher than the rate for non-indigenous people. By gender, aboriginal people accounted for 30 per cent of men accused of homicide and 51 per cent of accused women."
While our newly-minted APEC hottie may not have packed a contingency parachute, it seems the national police service has already implemented their own "Plan B" to deal with any further possible disturbances to "The Force"...
"The RCMP said they no longer plan to release annual stats on missing and murdered aboriginal women."
Yeah... "too many facts..." we wouldn't want to clog up homicide investigations with any of that.

Anyway, your PILFiness, in light of your recent climbdown from that Syrian refugee mess, I just thought I'd give you a little heads-up.

That whole "running an entire country" deal is a little more complicated than teaching a high school drama class. Don't worry, though... only four more years.


"At the risk of breeching culturally appropriate protocols, we are NOT talking about roving bands of marauding Presbyterians, Jesuit or Lutheran reformers."