30 November 2015

Good friends help you move...

Really, really good friends help you move bodies...

BAD NEWS - Ankara has been accused of letting various Syrian rebel groups – including some of those that grew into the so-called Islamic State – use south Turkey as a de facto rear base as they fought against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

REALLY, REALLY BAD NEWS - John Holmes, Canada’s ambassador to Ankara, told The Globe and Mail that the Turkish government last week submitted a list of 5,000 names that Turkey was suggesting for resettlement to Canada.
Am I the only one hearing alarm bells here?


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Russia has received additional intelligence confirming that oil from deposits controlled by Islamic State is moved through Turkey on an industrial scale, said Vladimir Putin.


Pissedoff said...


Neo Conservative said...

i don't know why anyone would take a sucker bet like this... there are 25,000 chances for something to go horribly, explosively wrong.

is justin looking at turkey's list... perchance "checkin' it twice"?

ho-ho-ho, canada.


Bill Elder said...

The odds are all in our favor Neo - We may have an explosion or 2 and some Canadians may have to die or be injured but it seems this is what it will take to oust these dangerous children in the PMO - this is Justin's baby - he owns all the crap that comes out of it and it will pull him under with it.

It is up to us to shout down the MSM cover up when the refugee jihad starts popping Canadians. Remove this selfie narcissist from office before he damages us further - that is what we owe the Canadians injured by his ego.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately, there will have to be mass casualties before the citizenry will come out of their "kardashian girls" stupor.

what will prime minister care bear say to the nation when that happens?

it will happen... it is inevitable... and so sad and unnecessary.