28 November 2015

The Feminazi Files

"You have an axe to grind with 5yr old boys, maybe you shouldn't teach kindergarten."


Anonymous said...

stupid people continuing the march to oblivion.

Bill Elder said...

Playing social engineer (actually Pavlovian abormal behaviour condition) with preschool children is just plain sick.

If this silly cow has such neurotic gender identity issues she should be in clinical care herself - either that or in a pot of legal hot tar whipped up for the occasion by rightfully angered parents.

It's past time these libtards meddlers realized there are unintended consequences for screwing with other people.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is, this type of behaviour is becoming the norm.

a christian bed & breakfast owner gets sued out of business for refusing to host a gay wedding.

omar khadr sues canada for tens of millions of dollars.

bruce jenner is declared woman of the year and "chicks with dicks" are the newest cultural icon.

i don't get it.


Frances said...

That woman is totally unfit to teach ANY children. It's not that she's very anti-male - though she tries to cloak that in a faux-concern about "equality"; it's that she's not really pro-female either. Giving girls extra privileges for perceived inequities helps no one; particularly not the girls who need to be told they are strong and need to show that.

Back in the day, some particularly clueless Board of Education trustee was winging on that provincial exams were "unfair" to girls as said girls tended to do better in classroom marks but worse on the more impartial exams. Thought she was a total twit; none of our daughters felt that the exams were biased against them. Indeed, one daughter was openly saying said "anonymous" exams would prove her teachers were wrong and she was better than some of her higher-ranked classmates. Said daughter did extremely well on the provincials. Best moment came when she returned to her alma mater and encountered a teacher who had been involved in marking the exams. Turned out that our daughter had done better than the "student du jour" of the class in one particular subject; rather suspect the teacher had been involved in the marking and - not recognizing the handwriting - given a truly objective mark which placed our gal on top.

Neo Conservative said...

so wrong... in so many ways.