10 November 2015

If only some bureaucrat...

...had an official, nicely watermarked piece of paper filed away in triplicate somewhere...
OTTAWA — The RCMP believes it has “come to a dead end” in its probe of where Parliament Hill shooter Michael Zehaf Bibeau got his gun — one of the most vexing questions about the events of Oct. 22, 2014.`
Zounds, Sherlock... wouldn't this despicable act have been a job for our now-defunct 2 billion dollar long gun registry?

Unfortunately, no... that particular Liberal Party P.R stunt was simply a (not especially complete or accurate) database of legally owned firearms of law-abiding citizens. Zehaf Bibeau, (like pretty much every other criminal lowlife responsible for virtually all Canadian homicides) wouldn't have made the cut...
Zehaf Bibeau, who had a criminal record, would have been barred from buying a gun.
Obviously "barred" doesn't actually mean that anyone could stop this terrorist from acquiring a gun. Just ask all those firearms enthusiasts up at Jane & Finch.

Lest you think they weren't really trying...
The RCMP devoted more than 130 full-time investigators and staff to the case.
The only thing that might have made a difference that day is if the soldiers on duty had been allowed to carry loaded rifles. Apparently though, we don't trust our soldiers any more than we trust farmers, hunters or sport shooters who go through rigid training, testing and close scrutiny by law enforcement before being allowed to own a firearm.

But, back to our homegrown terrorist... don't even think about pissing on Zehaf Bibeau's grave. He's back in Libya having been given what some consider a martyrs burial...
The Embassy of Libya in Ottawa confirmed Friday that Zehaf-Bibeau’s body was sent to Libya last year. A family member in that country said the body was buried in mid-November.

Zehaf-Bibeau’s cousin, Ashraf Zehaf said he feels Canadian authorities provoked the Oct. 22 attack by denying a troubled young man the freedom to travel abroad. “As for the public opinion in Libya, there are some here who call him a hero..."
Boy, that's some "Religion of Peace."

Speaking of firearms, here's a question... if Justin Trudeau abolishes private ownership of guns in Canada... will he also do away with his expensive, armed to the teeth RCMP security detail?

My guess is, don't hold your breath.


RELATED: Something to consider

Serious sport shooters are out at the range every week. They are very often trained as Range Officers. Your average cop has to unholster his gun to qualify once a year. Most never shoot their weapons on duty.
Given the relatively rudimentary marksmanship required to euthanize an injured animal, these type of incidents rarely result in injuries to the public.
It's not just marksmanship at issue here. Obviously, very little thought was given to overshoot & ricochet.

Despite what you might think, the average line cop is much less proficient & safety conscious than your average hunter or target shooter.