18 November 2015

Despite CTV's vapid cheerleading...

...playing soccer, or tweeting about playing soccer, does not, in any way, shape or form... fight terrorism...
"LONDON -- Uniting in a symbol of defiance and respect, fans and players of the French and English soccer teams delivered a moving display of solidarity at Wembley Stadium... social media was awash with praise for the dignified way a sensitive occasion was handled."
And indeed it was...
"It's the only way that we can win," said one obviously drunk millennial via CBC Radio.
Turning to symbols and wishful thinking is becoming increasingly popular here in Canada, now that Justin Trudeau has ruled out using Canadian airpower or any other military assets here, in Syria.

Yessirree, it's a big ol' Care Bear world... even though CTV notes these millionaire sports heroes are actually "playing in defiance" of the terrorists, whatever that means.

Out here in Hastings county, a local paving outfit recently painted one of their cement trucks pink for the stated purpose of fighting breast cancer.

Of course, messaging (never mind practising medicine) via cement truck makes about as much sense as flooding cities with thousands of naked men in chaps and feather boas every year to make people feel less uneasy about militant homosexuality... "Yeah, yeah, Freddie... you're here, you're queer... now for the love of gawd and my 8 year-old niece in from Sudbury, please, please put your freakin' capri pants back on!!!"

You know who's actually doing a stellar job of broadcasting their philosophy and religious idealogy out into the public domain?

ISIS, that's who. The terrorist group's messages are invariably concise and unambiguous, relying not at all on symbols or sentiment.

A beheading here, a bombing there, dozens of bullet-riddled bodies in a baroque Parisian theatre... these guys are consistently and perpetually on point.

More importantly, they can send all these twitter-soaked, wishing-well simpletons screaming for their mummies anytime they like.
"HANNOVER, Germany -- The friendly soccer game between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled at short notice due to the serious threat of an attack at the stadium on Tuesday.
I'd say it's pretty obvious who's winning the P.R. game here.
Security at the stadium was very tight, with police armed with machine-guns and maintaining a very obvious presence in the city. Reporters arriving for the game were searched, while a sniffer dog was deployed to check their bags.
Where's all those symbols of defiance now? They've gotta be around here somewhere.

Meanwhile, in a screamin' metaphor for all this "Imagine all the People" malarkey we're drowning in of late...
JACKSON, Tenn. -- Authorities say 57-year-old Anthony Riggs was killed by a Rottweiler that he had adopted just hours earlier. Regional Health Department Director Kim Tedford said the dog had been a stray, and was picked up five days before being adopted.
Of course, the cops ended up shooting the dog, but it's just a little late for good samaritan Anthony.

Oh, yeah... one last thing I noted about our "transparent" media friends...
CTV News reserves the right to turn off commenting on some selected news stories, for legal or other reasons. Please read our guidelines before commenting on stories.
That's gotta be symbolic of something or other... right?